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Dec 29, 2012 09:45 PM

Capital Seafood. Irvine Spectrum Mall Opinions?

I am wondering what the evaluations are if Capital Seafood, both for dinner and dim sum.

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  1. It's probably your best option --for both dim sum an dinner -- in that area.

    I was at a wedding banquet there a few months back and found it well above average.

    1. It's fancier in decor than the Diamond Jamboree Plaza branch. Food is about the same. It's passable for dim sum.

      I prefer Sam Woo on Culver to them both for dinner.

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      1. re: Porthos

        Only been there for dim sum. I was expecting an upgrade from the Diamond Jamboree branch, and was very surprised that it wasn't.

      2. Well my only experience is with the Diamond Jamboree branch, but if people are right in saying its about the same, than this info is still useful.

        DON'T order anything with shrimp. All their shrimp tasted very fishy and horrible.

        The only things that were remotely passable were the baked bbq pork buns and other baked dessert buns. On the whole, the dim sum was horrendous and I'd strongly recommend Sam Woo over Capital. (again, assuming the Diamond branch isn't significantly worse than the main branch)