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Dec 29, 2012 08:55 PM

21st Bday Dinner Midtown - farm to table ?tapas? Mexican? Fun!

Hi everyone!

Next Saturday is my 21st birthday and I'm looking for a place my parents can take my friends and me before we head out to the bars. There are going to be about 10-15 of us, so I need a somewhat inexpensive suggestion. I was thinking tapas or Mexican could be a fun way to start the night. I also am a huge fan of farm to table restaurants, organic food, etc so anything in that department would be lovely as well. We're staying in the west 40s near radio city, so anywhere in that area would be great. I'm really just looking for someplace fun and not too pretentious. I live a short distance from the city and my parents and I are kind of self proclaimed foodies, so most of the suggestions I have been finding on yelp/travel advisor have not been cutting it for my taste. Any help out there??

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  1. Sounds like salinas would be good except it's not in the immediate area. Maybe the smith in midtown.

    1. It sort of a tough task which is why you didn't get much help on TA. The best tapas are downtown and many of them would not take more than 8-10 and if they do it could be too late to make resvs now. Try Alta.
      As far as Mexican check out Toloache, Rosa Mexicano, or perhaps Hells Kitchen for gourmet Mexican but its small and more $$

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        I think Toloache is a great food choice and will likely accommodate a large party. The food is fresh tasting. Not so sure about the "fun" requirement. Seems like the op would like a more special room buta foodie could be happy there.
        What do you think of china grill? Haven't been in ages but it's in the nab and you can order to share.

      2. Empellon Taqueria for Mexican small plates.

        Union Square Cafe for seasonal market fare.

        Boqueria for tapas.

        1. Social Stanton, or Beauty & essex are good..