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Dec 29, 2012 08:48 PM

Lunch on the way to the beach?

I'm driving from DC to Bethany Beach tomorrow... any suggestions for a place to stop for lunch? Something not too far off the main route, and better than a Denny's or McDonald's. Maybe a diner or sandwich shop? Something Mom and Pop-ish?

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  1. The narrows, Harris crab house or the Crab deck, all in kent narrows, exit 42 off route 50 just after you cross the bay bridge.

    1. Holly's on Kent island; west-bound Rt50 just after the Kent Narrows bridge

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! We ate at The Narrows on the way out, and at a pizza place in a strip mall on the way home :) In the summer, we love to stop at the Kiwanas BBQ chicken stand (the one one the corner, just inside the DE border, not the one on the right, closer to the beaches).

        The Narrows had a Sunday brunch menu in addition to their regular menu. We had the best crab cake in recent memory there. Huge lumps of crab, very little filler. Fresh and light.

        Happy New Year!

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          good choice. sometimes on the way to the beach i call in carryout to harris crab house and eat crab balls, fried clam strips and fried oysters on the way to the beach. living large.

          i have eaten at the chicken stand and it is good. there is one also on route one just north of bethany open on saturdays which is also good. I have stopped at Jimmys and liked it but my wife hated it. old school local food like an episode of the twilight zone. Hollys is ok for breakfast but not much else. Often if we have time we will eat steamed crabs at the
          crabdeck in kent narrows on the way home from the brach


          We factor a stop at Jimmys in our frequent trips to Rehoboth from Annapolis.

          I've always experienced good service, and really decent home style cooking. Breakfast served all day. Fried chicken that is really very good. Crabcakes are also a good option. Smallish, and not really jumbo lump but fried crispy and lots of flavor.

          Very old school dinerish feel.