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Dec 29, 2012 08:43 PM

lasagna help!

was thinking of rolling my own dough for some lasagna.. but im not sure if it needs to be boiled like you would for boxed noodles. Would it cook in the oven of should i boil it? Dont want the noodles to be completely soft.. a lil bit would be pleasant.. for this reason i was thinking of using store bought noodles. for a lil more al dente.

also.. what setting on the KA pasta roller should i roll these at ?


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    1. There was a recent post about this. It is one of the most dangerous posts you could make. People are very serious about this issue, and there is no right answer except to learn yourself through experimenting and finding out how you like it.

      Depends on how thin its rolled, what recipe it is, whether its all semoline, all white or a mix of flours, how you define al dente, etc.

      1. Jumping into the possible fray: I always boil fresh noodles, made with 00 flour and eggs, until al dente and then rinse in cold water for lasagna. I roll my noodles to the thinnest setting on the KA. The lasagnas I make usually have 7 layers with 4 of them being pasta.

        And I'll agree with TeRReT, it's all personal preference.

        Good luck! :)

        1. I boil the homemade pasta for 1 minute and then straight to an ice bath. And i would use whatever your thinnest or 2nd to thinnest is, depending on your taste. I think more authentic would be the thinnest, however personal taste, I prefer 2nd to thinnest.