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Dec 29, 2012 08:13 PM

Hottest wings in manhattan

I love hot wings I have tried blondes and a couple of other places in manhattan. The other day I was meeting a friend after work and we grabbed a beer at the Blarney Stone on 47th street and 8th ave. Man were those the hottest wings I've ever had but with a good flavor. I asked the cook what he used. He gave me the usual runaround but also noted some ghost chili. They were awesome

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  1. I'm not sure which are the hottest in the city, but anything hotter than the "Death Sauce" at Pluck U is going to hurt you.

    1. for me the best and hottest wings in NYC are at Mudville down by the WTC. THe WOW wings are awesome

      1. This is def not the hottest but I love Danji's wings in midtown. Great combination of heat and flavor.

        1. just ate Bon Chon wings. Decent flavor, the hot was nice and spicy but nothing that would blow you away. Decent alternative to traditional buffalo wings

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            Try Mad for Chicken. I think their KFC is better.

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              I have trouble keeping up with these places, but the upstairs one on 5th Ave., briefly known as Turntable Mad for Chicken, is apparently now Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant (

              "Where the jazzman loves chicken!" as the slogan says. Also, fried rice with kimchi, squid ink, bacon, coconut snow and cheese crumbles.

          2. Wogies generally gets good reviews for their wings. The krazy sauce, I think also made with ghost chili, is extremely challenging to say the least.