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Dec 29, 2012 07:51 PM


On Sat and Sunday from 1 to 7 on Coldwater and Moorpark behind M&M Market fantastic chicken, ribs, pork and steak at great prices. Unreal good.

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  1. Tell more -- What is it called? Menu. Prices. Eat there or take-out only? etc. website would help...

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      I believe that this is Dave & Romero's Texas Best BBQ (which has been discussed on another thread). They do have a website:

      1. re: Servorg

        I think you are right. They had chicken, tri-tip, beef and pork ribs and sausages. Prices were reasonable and quality was great. They will also do pork chops if you call ahead.

    2. The one that used to be here, Wed-Sun is now on Riverside Drive, just west of Laurel Canyon, adjacent to and part of the Pat's Bar.
      If you are referring to the one currently on site, it is operated by the M&M market people, or at least another entity that has taken over the gig.
      Not sure whether you are posting a thought regarding a place you went to in the past few weeks, or one from several months ago, but they are different operators.

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        So this would best be described as "Bar-B-¿Qué" then?

      2. Actually just drove by. It's Hardy's Best BBQ. An offshoot of Hardy's Meat inside M&M. Very good

        1. Went by yesterday to pick up some baby backs. The guy behind the smoker was so nice and into what he was doing that he insisted on having me sample, sausage, tri-tip, brisket, sirloin and ribs. It wound up being such a huge and great meal, that there was no way I could eat more meat. He told me not to worry, just to come back next weekend. I will. Great place. They really treat the customer well.