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Dec 29, 2012 07:46 PM

Cooking in Ashland!

One of my most favorite people has relocated to Ashland recently.
I'm excited for this new chapter in his life and would love to pass on some great local food tips!

He is an adventurous vegetarian and a pretty decent cook. He mentioned finding the local food co-op and was quite happy with the extensive selection!

Any specialty shops for hard to find ethnic ingredients? Wonderful pick-your-own fruit options, regional heirloom vegetables that might be new to a relocated easterner? Food oriented festivals or Chow meetups?

He is quite excited to begin exploring the area so day trip suggestions are welcome too.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Hey meatn3, I welcome your friend to our Valley.
    I'll work up a list with suggestions for all of the above.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Bill -
      That will be terrific!

      He arrived just before Christmas and has been setting up his apartment and doing a bit of exploring. So far he seems quite happy!

      This could be the excuse I need to finally make it out to this area of the country for a visit...

      1. re: meatn3

        Come for July 4th. Eccentric/traditional parade down Main Street, Shakespeare will be in full swing and Crater Lake should be fully open.
        There's some more restaurants to add to this list + more
        seasonal fruit/vegetable stands too.
        If he's on FB, here's an open group he can join...

        Farmer’s markets fruit stands, etc.

        Rogue Valley Grower’s Market-
        Tuesdays in Ashland at the new Armory
        Thursdays in Medford at the Armory
        Saturdays in Ashland-Downtown along Lithia Way
        Saturdays in Medford

        Winter Market at Hot Springs

        Grants Pass Grower’s Market

        Sugar Plum Acres-

        SOS fruit

        Grocery Stores, Specialty Markets

        Shop N Kart

        Market of Choice

        Grocery Outlet
        Ashland Coop
        Medford Coop
        Trader Joes

        La Tapatia- Mexican Meat Market in Phoenix
        Best Mexican food in the region

        El Gallo-Mexican Market in Medford

        Asian Market by Winco

        Harry & David

        Abu’s Oasis in GP-middle eastern supplies

        Gooseberries GP

        Butte Creek Mill Eagle Point

        Restaurants- Vegetarian Friendly and others


        Bangkok’s Atchara in Talent
        unique thai food by a native woman. Exquisite.

        Arbor House in Talent
        Always some vegetarian dishes on the menu

        New Sammy’s Cowboy Bistro in Talent
        Beard nominee




        Thai Pepper/Kobe

        Summer Jo’s-super place on their own farm in GP

        Wiley’s World Pasta

        Ashland Raw Food Group
        My friend belongs to this, so I’ll ask her, or he can ask at the
        Raw family
        these folks live in town.

        Food producers
        Next to each other in Central Point
        LillieBelle Chocolates
        Rogue Creamery



        Local organizations

        He can contact me at
        -use the numbers
        Hope this helps.
        I'll figure out what I've forgotten and add to this
        sometime soon.
        PS: ShopNKart is a unique asset, a local large independent store
        with a decidedly organic/local bent, knowledgeable employees,
        lots of bargains, and willing to stock any and all foods by local producers.
        Grocery Outlet is a West Coast chain with HQ in Berkeley.
        Many threads on the SF and California boards about found bargains.
        Great cheese and wine selection. Ours in Medford is very attuned to the community's wants and desires.

        I also didn't include any CSA (forgot
        )and also this olive oil startup,
        + Bakeries, Wine, Beer, spirits, and Coffee
        Does your friend indulge in Seafood?
        I guess those items will be part 2.
        This guy's blog was a true asset, but he suddenly stopped posting last August.
        Hope he starts writing again...

        And here's a thread from our local all purpose forum...

        1. re: bbqboy


          Wow! You are fantastic! He will absolutely love these resources.

          I'm not sure if he eats seafood...I'll inquire.

          I'm sending him this link!

          Your love of the area comes through...I forgot Dogoba was there. I used to do demo's of their products in natural foods stores. Great stuff and they seemed like a terrific company too.

          Have a wonderful New Years!

          1. re: bbqboy

            Wow, indeed! I wish I'd had that list when we lived in Grants Pass. I'll pass along to friends. thanks.

            1. re: c oliver

              Hey Ms. Oliver, thanks for checking in and reminding me of
              our conversation about Hannah's Steam Laundry last year.
              I'll add it to part 2. :)

            2. re: bbqboy

              Hey, thank you for such a complete and terrific update, bbqBill!
              It makes me wish I got down to your area more often. But this new list will be with me when I do!

              1. re: oregoncook

                Check back, OC. I'm working on Part 2.

              2. re: bbqboy

                He has reintroduced seafood to his diet and has been pleased with the variety and price in Ashland.

                He was quite appreciative of having such an amazing resource!

          2. Bakeries, Breweries, Coffee, Wine, and more…



            Deux Chats- My favorite place, down on A Street

            Great Harvest-Medford

            Panaderia Del Pueblo-Medford
            Mexican bakery on S. Central

            Rise Up-wonderful breads
            Sunstone-the best, I think, and they use locally grown wheat
            Silly Zak’s-gluten free stuff

            Village Bakery-DT Ashland

            Larry’s Cakes

            Cupcake Daily-Talent Inventive stuff


            Caldera-locally brewed by guys who used to work at Rogue when it was here-destroyed in 1997 flood and never returned
   tasting room DT Ashland on Water St.
            Southern Oregon Brewing-Tasting room in Medford

            Walkabout-in CP

            Wild River Brewing-several locations

            Bricktowne-DT Medford local brew pub Great stuff, the Red Ale especially

            Beerworks-Beerstore in DT Medford


            Noble-tremendous coffee and a neat place to hang out

            Buckmaster- a respected Oregon brand

            Evans Valley Roasting-small batch stuff from a local roaster

            Evo’s Coffee House-funky and fun DT ashland

            The Beanery-An Oregon small chain

            We have over 100 wineries/vineyards and lots of folks growing grapes
            (there is SO appellation+) so this is an overview.


            Paschal and Trium in Talent are 2 of my favorites, but places to visit and sip stretch from here to the coast, and North to Roseburg.


            Applegate wine trail

            Organic Nation Spirits distilled in Ashland!

            things I left out of Pt. 1

            Willow- Witt Ranch

            Organic Café in DT Medford


            Wharf-fish market & cafe in Medford

            Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood-fresh seafood brought in each day from the coast


            Morning Glory-The best breakfast in Ashland

            Hannah's Steam Laundry


            Kitchen stuff-

            We lost Allyson' Kitchen in Ashland to the recession,
            Damn Bankers

            Pot rack- Jville

            Kitchen Company- GP

            A southern Oregon take on a deli




            Taylor's Sausage(meat I know, but wonderful stuff)Available at stores and at their country Store in Cave Junction

            I still left out a lot of Asian places, Indian places, and Italian/European places, + a list of raw milk providers.
            Look on the Willow-Witt site as they serve as a clearing house for local producers of stuff.

            and places that serve meat, and various places/things I'm sure will become apparent

            to me when it is too late to edit this post.

            AS I said, before he can feel free to email me for travel/hiking/sightseeing stuff that doesn't have anything to do with food, as they tend to frown on that here on CH.
            He'll like this place:

            It does inspire me to whip up some daytrips involving food though. I supposed that will be pt. 3.

            I think I can stick these in though:

            I' still thinking about unique to the area vegetables. We can grow artichokes here, which is always fun if he's a gardener, and we have every variety of pear there is, I would imagine. And some tasty local honey. And when Rainer Cherries arrive, they are something to savor.
            I'll have to get to work on part 3. :)

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            1. re: bbqboy

              3 quick ones I realized too late:
              luscious jams and other goodies

              Rising Sun Farms-in Talent/Phoenix

              Phoenix Farmer's Market-A permanent stand/store
              also between Talent and Phoenix, just North of Rising Sun

              Hazelnuts and truffles generally come from the Willamette Valley, but are sure to be available here somewhere.
              And Dungeness Crab season just opened
              They are the best!

              1. re: bbqboy

                Wow! The Rogue Valley Visitors Bureau (or whatever it's callled) should hire you. This is amazing.

                1. re: bbqboy

                  I agree with C Oliver - these lists are amazing. Perfect for us as we are new to the valley.. I can't wait to check out some of these.
                  We just tried SmithFields today.. It was top quality!

                  1. re: IAMRICH

                    thanks, Rich.
                    I'm working(lazily) on pt 3 with a lot more meat in it +
                    changes taking place and CSA's as they open up.

                2. re: bbqboy

                  Yummykake/Larry's Cakes: closed, sadly

                  In Grants Pass, the pies from The Upper Crust are not to be missed, although I can't swear they are vegetarian.

                3. In addition to bbqboy's excellent lists, add Jacksonville Mercantile to your odd ingredients sources. We've found lots of things that we would have gotten at Allyson's (RIP) or off Amazon, or a trip the the Bay Area.