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Dec 29, 2012 07:48 PM

Raleigh food trucks!

I'm obsessed with checking them all out. Today it was Captain Poncho's Tacos and CJ's Street Food.

Captain Poncho's Tacos was parked at The Saturday Market at Rebus Works, along with LoMo Market. Here we picked up chicken tacos (3 for $5) along with Slingshot cold brewed ice coffee and purple sweet potatoes. The tacos were excellent- so fresh and full of flavor, we'll definitely be back.

Later we headed to Lonerider Brewing Company and ordered lunch from CJ's Street Food: a vegan sausage with a ginger -sesame slaw, bratwurst topped with bacon Mac & cheese and an Italian sausage with peppers and onions, plus beer. CJ's didn't disappoint. Again, we'll definitely be back.

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  1. Where are some of the regular places that Food Trucks park? I don't see many around. Especially not in the Cary area.

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      Carpe Durham has a good food truck locator:

      I'm not sure if Cary allows food trucks - I have never seen any there, but it is not my daily haunt either.