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Dec 29, 2012 07:08 PM

Quest for good authentic Thai restaurant.

I'm on a quest for a good authentic Thai restaurant. Specifically I'm craving a good green curry. I'm so sick of being disappointed with mild curries packed full of green bell pepper and maybe one other vegetable if you're lucky!

Does anyone know a Thai restaurant in the Bay Area (preferably in the East Bay or SF) that serves green curry with makuea praow (sometimes known as Thai or apple eggplant) and makuea poo-ung (sometimes known as grape or cherry eggplant)?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I think I've had Thai eggplant at Soi 4. Definitely have at Lers Ros on Larkin.

    1. I've had plenty of these eggplant over the years at Sabuy Sabuy II in Berkeley, but they aren't always available.

      Some of the curries they make have been outstanding - if Bert and his wife (the owners) are in and you express just what kind of food you are looking for, the food might knock your socks off.