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Dec 29, 2012 04:00 PM

Ever take anything but wine or beer to a BYOB?

I think, at least in NJ, BYOBs are restricted to beer or wine. I usually prepare a Beefeater martini at home in a shaker and show up with the shaker and martini glass, besides a bottle of wine, at a BYOB restaurant. Have never experienced any resistance. Any other experiences?

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  1. I have heard the same thing regarding NJ and it only suppose to be beer and wine. I only drink Vodka however and the handful of fine dining BYOB that I frequent have never questioned me when I bring a bottle of vodka with me. Oh and I'm in New Jersey.

    1. I recently went to a BYO place with a friend from Trinidad, who brought along a bottle of rum for us to share. I thought for sure we'd get some flack from the management, but nope -- they brought us rocks glasses and a bucket of ice, and we had a very enjoyable meal. (This was in Washington State, FYI.)

      1. In my locale, NC, they have different types of byob's. Some places will let you byob liquor while others will only let you do wine or beer.

        1. We have a short list of BYOB in Pa we like enough to frequent
          from DC and frequently see ABV above 18% being served near us.

          1. In Philadelphia, we went to a Brazilian rodizio place and we brought rum (in place of cachaca) and limes and they made caipirinhas for us.

            There is also a BYO Mexican place here that will make you margaritas if you bring your own tequila.

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              I know this is an old post, but I once went to a BYO Brazilian place in Philly's Northeast. We brought a bottle of cachaca and a bag of limes, which we relinquished to our server upon arrival. The caipirinha-maker in the kitchen did a good job of mixing drinks for us. At the end of the evening, the bottle and unused limes were returned to us.

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                There's a Thai place near us in the Philly burbs that is BYOV - they prepare pitchers of juice, you supply the vodka.