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Dec 29, 2012 03:58 PM

S&S Cheesecake. Bronx,NY

The best cheesecake in NY. I had my usual last week, and.bought 4 extra to give as gifts. Everyone was thrilled by the cheesecakes, as usual.

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  1. Go ahead, rub it in.

    My wife and I used to live near S&S, would pass it between home and the subway, so we'd stop in now and then and buy one (or more).

    We've been living in Brooklyn since 1980, and we still miss the convenience of walking past S&S daily. But now we have the great Sahadi's. We've traded cheesecake for humus.

    George Lynch

    1. I never had S&S but I'll have to check it out. I like Eileen's Cheescake in Manhattan. Recently , I tried some really good cheesecake in Brooklyn. Cousin John's Bakery in Park Slope has really good cheesecake.

      1. S&S is beyond compare. IF you think others are better, you haven't tried S&S.

          1. 222 west 238 street, corner of broadway