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Dec 29, 2012 03:11 PM

Coming to SF for 3-4 days in feb--need help

I'm coming to SF for a few days (staying near Nob Hill) and am looking for some ideas in these areas:
1)Italian (Is Rest. Milano what the Yelpers say it is?)

2) Interesting and top notch Chinese or Asian

3) Dimsum

4) Fresh Fish


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  1. Most recent reports on Milano:

    The Italian restaurant in that neighborhood getting the most enthusiastic posts recently is Seven Hills.

    1. The 200 block of California Street (easily reached by cable car or the #1 muni bus line) has a few options for you.

      For Italian, Perbacco or Barbacco are very, very good. The latter is a more casual version of the former. You will find dozens of discussions of both places if you do a serach.

      For fresh fish, the Tadich Grill is a landmark seafood place in San Francisco. If fresh dabs are available, have them. If they aren't, have them broil whatever fresh fish is on the menu. It gets very busy there at peak hours. However, it is fun to dine sitting at the long counter they have there.

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      1. re: DavidT

        Tadich is old-school in both charming and not so charming ways. Oysters, sand dabs, Rex sole, and Petrale sole are safe choices.

        Sam's Grill has almost the same menu with higher standards, fewer tourists, and the option to make reservations.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Any fish, particularly the halibut, I have had grilled over mesquite at Tadich has been stellar.

      2. In the vein of "interesting" but not necessarily "top notch" (because that term is so subjective) Chinese, you should consider Jai Yun, Mission Chinese and Hakkasan.

        For dim sum in the city, there have been (somewhat) good reports on Lai Hong Lounge

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