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Dec 29, 2012 01:44 PM

2 restaurants near university

I am just back in Rome after being away for a couple of years. I lived here for many years (when things cost a lot less!!). I got some recommendations for inexpensive restaurants near the university, and I was hoping for some feedback: Burro e Sugo and i Butteri.

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  1. I've never heard of either of them. So if you end up going, do report back.

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      Well, they are both written up in GR as being on the lower end of good places to eat. Burro e sugo might be a haunt for college kids. I Butteri apparently is enormous. I have decided to save my money for a couple of wonderful, more expensive places recommended on this board. I am near Trionfale market, and I can cook at home while I am here for the month!

    2. I wonder which university you are talking about - the two are in completely different parts of the town. Burro e sugo is close to roma tre, i butteri closest to the medicine faculty of sapienza.

      I have stood in front of butteri - it is huge, and is always full. Pizza and meat seem to be the things what everyone goes for, i couldn't tell you anything about quality.

      Burro e sugo i had never heard of - today, by an interesting turn of events we had lunch there. So my first and definitely only experience: cute looking place (yellow walls, 100% neighborhood place, full of regulars), very friendly service. Only menus available: 6 & 8 euro for weekday lunches; 13 (light), 17 (meat) and 21 (fish) for everyday lunch and dinner. We had the 17 euro menu, which includes an aperitif (sweet red drink, fruit juice and prosecco mix i think), 2 bruschette (beans, nice; and potato, tuna, caper paste, ok), 1 pasta (choose among 7 or so - we had pappardelle with wild boar sauce and orecchiette with speck, radicchio, provolo), 1 secondo (choose between 7 or so, we had pork & potatoes and spuntatura & polenta), 1 dessert (had tiramisu). Bread, water and wine extra. Amount of food was a lot, can imagine the 6 euro weekday lunch is the perfect amount as it offers half a portion of everything.

      The taste & quality? We discussed throughout the meal how i could write it here, this is what we decided: if you are fine with buying your veggies and especially meats at the (discount) supermarket in general, you will be perfectly happy here - the food is exacly like what you would get an nonna's house - she does the shopping at the discounter with her very limited pension and then lovingly cooks it for the whole family, the still growing grandsons included. But if you in general care more about the quality of the raw material, buy your veggies at the local farmers market and the meat at the organic butcher, you won't be happy here. At all. I see both sides and their arguments and would rather leave my comment like above. Some will love it, others will never go back.