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Dec 29, 2012 01:32 PM

What was your favourite Toronto (or area) restaurant meal of 2012?

What meal did you most enjoy while dining out in Toronto in 2012?

My favourite was Scarpetta because of the Homemade Spaghetti and Polenta with Mushrooms - delish, but Lil' Baci is a close second with the special I had there crispy duck breast and risotto - yum!

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  1. Splendido - Had the tasting menu in November and it was brilliant.

    1. Splendido as well!! - Our great meal was fortunate enough to be paired with even greater wines! Double yum!!

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        Hoping to try Splendido this year! Perhaps it will be my favourite of 2013.

      2. The final night of Feasting Room, featuring their 'greatest hits'.

        1. Momofuku Shoto with pairings was so much fun.

          1. Canoe Shack-up!

            In April, Chef Martin Picard came to Toronto to promote his book, Au Pied De Cochon Sugar Shack, by cooking a dinner with Chef Anthony Walsh at Canoe. Now, four courses may seem like a small number, but this is Martin Picard we’re talking about – and if you’ve ever been to Au Pied De Cochon in Montreal or his Cabane A Sucre just outside of Montreal, you know that nothing he creates is what one would ever consider light.

            With my favourite dessert of 2013:

            Picard’s maple mille-feuille was, hands down, the best thing I had eaten in a long time. Crunchy and flaky and toasty pastry sandwiching alternating layers of maple pastry cream and whipped cream. On top, grains of maple sugar embedded in slathering of maple butter. Served family style, our half of the table demolished almost our entire serving. And then I took the rest home. And then I took some other table’s leftovers home. It was really that good. Luckily, page 107 of the Sugar Shack book details how I may go about assembling one of my own. As a standalone, the Tawse Quarry Road Vineyard Barrel-Aged Chardonnay Icewine (Vinemount Ridge Ontario, 2008) was sweet and balanced, but suffered as a pairing.