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Dec 29, 2012 01:22 PM

Palm Springs restaurants

Going to the MiraMonte resort in February; looking for any suggestions on great places to eat - first trip to the Palm Springz area.

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  1. Not to be difficult - but you would probably find the info you need by doing a search on this board. There have been long threads with lots of discussion. As I type this, there is a box to the right called "Discussions You Might Also Like ..." that contains links.

      1. Depends upon what you are looking for. Zin's is our favorite place - its located in downtown - Trio in uptown. We ate at Johannes the food was good but rich. We are not fans of Lulu's but everyone we know likes it there. Sammy G's surprised us with its consistency. Good sandwiches and salads. Escena has amazing views mediocre service and food. But have drinks first and you won't notice the food. But the view is fantastic. Tyler's has excellent burgers - its in the downtown area. Cheeky's is overrated but if you want to eat there and don't want to wait go at 8 am. Jiao's is hit or miss as well - the chef was amazing when they opened but the chef after the summer closing was not. We will try them again before writing them off. The quality of food in the desert is interesting. These are just our opinions. There are many places we have not tried yet. But living here allows us the time to try them. Let us know where you ate and what you thought - we are always up for new information!