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Dec 29, 2012 12:55 PM

Battery Park City (north end)

Foodies on a budget (dinner for 2 under $80 hopefully but not mandatory ) staying at north end of Battery Park City.....enjoy just about every kind of cuisine..casual, comfort, cutting edge.....prefer somewhat quieter places....any suggestions for anything within walking distance....less than 15 minutes?

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  1. Blue Smoke would fit your budget and they have good BBQ and oysters and more. The noise level depends on when you are there. North End Grill I am no fan of but many CH'ers like the food there.
    Inatteso right next to the Ritz Carlton has very good pastas, pizza, and good meat dishes. The prices are very reasonable.
    Gigino is also near there for Italian food. Harry's Italian by the movie theatre is reasonable, the mussels are good and the shrimp parmigiana is not bad. In general the food is better at the other two Italian places mentioned.
    A walk to Tribeca offers many choices. Le Petit Abeille ( Belgian),, Terroir ( wine bar w/ small dishes), Tiny's ( good food), Zucker's ( bagels ,smoked fish etc). Walker's ( great burgers and more),,, Baluchi's ( indian food). Takahachi ( medium priced sushi and cooked Japanese), Blau Gans ( Austrian food).... Tribeca Grill ( American),,
    Well that's enough I think LOL