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Dec 29, 2012 12:27 PM

2012 Recap? What were your top 3 N.O. meals?

And maybe your 3 most disappointing or just plain bad.

You can set your own parameters but I'm saying 3 most memerable meals, which puts it past just the food to the whole dining experience.

My most memorable:

Dominica: Excellant table, great service, great food and drinks.

NOLA: X 2 Both were meals off of the days special menu. I have heard that Tab, the executive sous that won on Chopped, often does the specials.

MiLA: A meal of nothing but apps.

The dissapointments...maybe it is a matter of expectations

August; Great service acceptable meal. Not the ROI I was expecting but will try again

Herbsaint: Amateur service but assume the server was new. Had to read the specials off his sheet and forgot a drink order. Food was OK. I was not wowed by dishes others have raved about. Will try again.

Patois: We dine 3-4 times a year with this same group of 8. No one was impressed. The only dish that got thumbs up was the porkbelly app that I and my daughter ordered. May try again.

I'm not saying these last three were bad meals but they were meals that didn't stand out except, that by current N.O. standards, they were ordinary.

One thing about restaurant opinions, when we return to August or Hebsaint I hope I can happily eat my words. :-)

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  1. Based on my visit last month, my most memorable:

    Coquette: Unbelievable two days in a row, one lunch, one dinner. I know, repetitive, but just amazing. Our server Tracy was terrific, food was great, just so wonderful all the way around. Fried oyster appetizer, salad with goat cheese & spiced pecans, shrimp and grits to die for.

    Mila: 3 course lunch. Celery root soup, crab, green apple and mustard oil. One of the best dishes I have ever eaten. Desserts were to die for - rice pudding and banana flavored ice cream were both amazing.

    Commander's Palace: We usually only make it to New Orleans once a year, so turtle soup never ceases to wow us. Oysters and Absinthe in a dome, too. Fabulous hospitality.

    My only disappointment, agreed, maybe had to do with expectations:

    R'Evolution: Service was amateurish, quail was overcooked, just felt cold overall. I really loved the tour of the kitchen, though.

    Can't wait until next year!!!!

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    1. re: n.o.lover

      Thanks for taking the effort to do this write up. It has been very helpful to us.

    2. Best meals:
      Bombay - Lobster Coolinary Menu, Food Good, service okay
      Chimes (Covington) - Sevice and food great!
      Red Gravy - Food, service and company all fantastic

      Worst meals:
      Pascal's Manalli - Lamb chops not cooked to proper temp.

      Mahoney's - RB Po boy did not meet expectations, meat was not sliced, it was chuncked up...

      Palace Cafe - Service was was so so...don't understand all the fuss about the seafood cheesecake...

      Neat discussion, thanks.

      1. Boucherie - Shrimp and Grits, boudins, ribs, brisket and fries, Krispy Kreme bread pudding, Cobbler - Spectacular meal

        SoBou - cajun queso with pork cracklings, butternut squash with honey soup, tuna ice cream cones, alligator sausages, pork belly, cherry jubilee bread pudding - what a fun meal

        Herbsaint - spaghetti with Guanciale, gumbo, short rib, pork cassoulet, Lamb Neck, bacon braised faro, banana butter tart (just ok) - Meal of the year

        1. Two meals at Revolution and one at Root.

          1. R’Evolution, SoBou and, I know this is cheating, but I went to Root last night and loved it. So, that’s my top 3.
            The bottom 3 were the Denny’s in Tallahassee on Christmas Day that was the only thing open that night while driving to South Florida. Really, that was the bottom 3 all by itself.