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Dec 29, 2012 10:55 AM


Had a truly disappointing dinner last night at Mayona.
The house salads were soggy and overdressed with the least flavorful shaved Parmesan ever. Tasted the quail salad which was good due to the bacon involved in it and the quail was perfectly cooked.

The noise level in the rear dining room was horrible and the staff in a staging area behind us kept bumping into each other and knocking things over. At one point one of them shrieked like they had been stabbed. The assistant server was sort of jumpy and abrupt and at the end of the meal spilled an entire glass of water on the table in front of me. My rabbit entree arrived barely lukewarm and they just reheated the plate. I don't intend to go back. GW Fin the night before had been totally superb on every level.

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  1. If you are going to flame a restaurant it might increase your credibility to at least get the name right.

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    1. Where is Mayona? Damn, I can't keep up with these new places, did I miss the soft opening?

      1. Is this a restaurant specializing in mayonnaise?????!!!!

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        1. Am I correct that you actually dined at Bayona, Susan Spicer's restaurant in the FQ?

          We have only dined there about 5 times, in the last 10, or so years, so are not "regulars." Still, when we HAVE dined there, things were very good to great. Even my in-laws, with several kids in the "business," enjoyed the dinners.

          I am sorry to hear that Bayona (if that was where you dined) was so off. While we have not encountered such, I have to admit that it has now been about 3 years, and also Chef Spicer has been doing some new gigs, so maybe things have changed?

          What you describe should never happen in an upper-end NOLA restaurant.

          Glad that you did enjoy G W Fins, as we have also, and from almost the day, that they opened.


          1. LOL! the positive thing here (for Mayona) is that this post will not come up when anyone searches for Bayona