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Dec 29, 2012 10:39 AM

restaurants in Springdale section of Stamford

I am going to meet a friend next week for lunch. Any suggestions for Springdale or Glenbrook (not a diner). thanks

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  1. i haven't been myself, but have heard very good things from many people about Olio (in the spot that used to be Bella Luna). Seems a little pricey, but more of a downtown-esque menu. hope this helps!

    1. I've been to Olio twice and have loved it each time. http://www.oliostamford.com/ bbqlover is right, though, it is on the $$$ side. But it's probably the best restaurant in Springdale.

      For something a little more economical, I'm a big fan of Hope Pizza. http://www.hopepizza.com/ Greek pizza place, but they have plenty of other choices there. Try the gorgonzola salad with souvlaki chicken added!

      Across from Hope Pizza is Enzo's, http://www.enzoitalianfinefood.com/cl... a quiet Italian deli that you don't hear much about, but they make great sandwiches.

      Another place to try is Trips. http://www.tripsrestaurant.com/ I'm probably in the minority to recommend it, most people find it very average, but I've never had a bad meal there. Their Shrimp Maren is my standard go to dish.

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        +1 for Olio. Have never had lunch there, but I've had dinner more than a dozen times. Always very good, sometimes outstanding.