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Dec 29, 2012 10:18 AM

Budget friendly Montreal for young couple

Hi all,

We'll be in Montreal from the 3rd-7th. We've picked a few fancy restaurants for good dinners, but we're looking for some less expensive, yet still interesting options for lunches. We're open to a range of cuisine. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Andalo's, 350 Lebeau for manakish
    Balkan Foods, 7333 Saint Hubert for pljeskavica and cevapi
    Binerie Mont–Royal, 367 Mont Royal O for beans
    Chez Boris, 5151 Parc for savory donuts
    Bratwurst Colbeh, 6107 Sherbrooke O for the brain sandwich
    Chez Ma Tante, 3180 Fleury E for steamés
    Dic Ann’s, 10910 Pie IX for the burgers
    Marche Hung Phat, 7099 St Denis for the Vietnamese Subs
    Lasalle Drive–In, 8760 Lasalle for Peter's special
    Marchigiani, 1715 Thierry for the porchetta sandwiches
    Momesso's, 5562 Upper Lachine for the sausage submarine
    Chez Nouri, 10 de Pins O for the shami and a soup
    Pataterie Chez Philippe, 1877 Amherst for Le Zeke
    Pierrette Patates, 3900 Verdun for the michigo
    Smoke Meat Pete's, 283 1st Ave. Île–Perrot for the blues
    La Soupiere, 5th Floor The Bay for the soup
    Tous les jours, 1689 Mont-Royal E for the burgers
    Wilensky's Light Lunch, 34 Fairmount for the special

    Absolutely everyone is delicious and under $10.

    1. Great choices. I will add a few place

      If you like Haitian Creole cuisine on jarry there's a place called Casse-Croûte La Vida Creole
      785, rue Jarry O, Montreal, QC H3N 1G7 514-277-1996
      Their griot with riz collay is fantastic when just cooked. It's is my favorite for all the places I tried in creole cuisine. Their pork is crisp and tender inside. Hint ask for a freshly cooked bash

      For lebanese bakery I will highly recommend a more central place called "Trippe de Bouffe". The difference with Andalos it's a small place thus making thing more hand made than industrial production. But andalous is a place to see for the visual. Imprisive in size but as I said quality is now indistrial in my book

      277 Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, QC

      For a really great tasty Vietnamese sub (banh mi) in my book
      also more central in downtown Chinatown is. Also they have all kind of small dishes that are fascinating but names I can't remember and also some really good banana desert pudding that I loved.

      Banh mì CAO THANG
      1082 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, Qc H2Z 1J5

      All these place a dirt cheap to eat at.

      On this wishing a Happy New Year and enjoy your stay in Montreal.

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      1. re: maj54us

        I haven't had the chance to try Trippe de Bouffe yet. But it is on my list. And you got it right that half the reason to go to Andalos is for its ginormosity.

        But I would respectfully disagree with you about the quality of the Banh Mi at Cao Thang. The two times I was there, the bread was soggy and there was no "bite" to the pork.

        Down in that neighborhood I would recommend A Lam Kee for the BBQ duck, chicken and roasted pig (has anybody ever contemplated asking them to do a Gaspor pig?) But they aren't quite in the "under $10" category.

        1. re: EaterBob

          I can understand, who wants soggy bread I never Never had soggy bread thus my experience was always excellent and the Lady has always been welcoming and friendly. You have to give a chance to all their little dishes and desert.

      2. We just had fun at Akhavan for lunch. There may well be better restaurants for Persian food -- this is a grocery store with a side-flaming bit. The waitress was about as surly as they come, but it was still so fun just to be in this grocery -- I think it's a wonderful slice of Montreal. They have huge vats of various soft cheeses and mounds of nuts and masses of olives, looking at the packaged goods is a peek beyond. I just love it in there. Highly recommended to visitors (of which I am now one)! It's on Sherbrooke a little east of Cavendish, south side of street. They have a parking lot.

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        1. re: aliris

          great have we just found a new "soup nazi" kind of place? lol lol
          After the infamous chicken nazi place called "portugalia" who else is in for the running. By the way this is another place to suggest for a good chicken,

          Portugalia corner of clark and rachel on the plateau area of Montreal. But you have to order your chicken 1 hour in advance. They also have great bifanas.

          34, rue Rachel O (corner Clark)
          Montreal, QC, H2W 1G1 Saint-Laurent
          Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
          (514) 282-1519

          I used to go to ramados (on rachel street) but somehow they also became victims of their success as they are now on the verge of being an industrial place. It's hard to get a freshly grilled chicken now since they're all cooked in a production mode and then stacked in the drawers under the grill. My last 2 trips were on the dry chicken meat side. So I resumed going to portugalia.

          115, rue Rachel E (corner de Bullion)
          Montreal, QC, H2W 1C8 Mont-Royal
          Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
          (514) 849-1803

          Also I found a new place on the corner of jean-talon and st-denis called Grillades Extra. A very good Chicken portugese style.

          Grillades Extra
          355, rue Jean-Talon E (corner Drolet)
          Montreal, QC, H2R 1T3 Jean-Talon
          (514) 508-3815

          all these place are un 10$-12$ for a meal

          1. re: maj54us

            You may get dry chicken at Romados if go a bit after the rush, especially in the evening because they are just getting rid of what they cooked and probably won't make more. You may get it dry if you try to beat the rush too, because you're getting the pre-cooked as maj54 said.

            But if you go during the rush, especially just a bit late in lunch or dinner hour, it will be very fresh because of the turnover.

            They still make amazing chicken in general, the best in the city.

            Otoh, I ordered from Portugalia only once and it was dry and charred. I couldn't understand what the hype was about - and that was back when you had to order by noon weekends for a quarter chicken at dinner. So fuck that. Sometimes you only need to give a place one shot to know its not worth another, and being complete assholes definitely made that decision easier.


            Other cheap places: You can't go wrong price-wise in Chinatown.
            Pho Bang New York on east side of St-Laurent below de la Gauchetiere... I had an extra large #5 tonight that hit the spot, really rich and tastier than their already fine standards. They also have very good cold vermicelli, pork, and chicken dishes (I go with #27 for a mix of everything). Total bill for 3 hungry dudes: $25.

            1. re: Shattered

              no matter where, it can be a "hit ans miss".it seems.

              Portugalia can only grill around 10-12 chicken on each grill.
              I never had a bad experience with them "chicken nazi".

              With the new women behind the counter at Romados, It can also be a "chicken nazi" kind of place. lol lol

        2. You can't get more budget friendly than Nilufar! They have $2 specials on a falafel pita, soup and a drink, I go there for that regularly. I love those pitas, the falafel has some sort of green herb in it that I haven't seen in other falafel. Very yummy! No garlic sauce though, just tahini. The rest of their stuff is cheap too, though I can't vouch for the quality as I've only had the falafel, but judging by that it should be good!

          Another place nearby that I LOVE is Picks They have hamburgers that you pick all the toppings for by checking them off on the little slips of paper they put on top of the little drinks fridge to the right. The hamburgers are great. They also have a few sides, most notable is the Kogos (it's a Korean owned place so a Korean riff on Pogos). You have to try these, they're delicious. A pogo with fluffy crunchy delicious batter that's been rolled in french fry cubes, great with the aioli!

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          1. re: Chocolatesa

            lol, skip Nilufar - budget friendly doesn't mean welfare.

            for interesting affordable lunches, try:

            chalet bbq: a montreal institution - coal fired rotisserie chicken
            blackstrap bbq: newcomer, great low and slow bbq
            depanneur le pickup: great lunch counter in a convenience store
            dinnette triple crown: soul food
            kazu: fantastic japanese in a bustling setting
            garage beirut: great lebanese food
            patati patata: another montreal institution, great lunch counter/diner
            schwartz's: the best smoked meat joint
            beauty's: upscale diner, only place I can think of where you can get a club sandwich on chalah bread - also an institution

            there's lots of other great places

            1. re: Chocolatesa

              checked out their menu and those price are worthy of a 1$ store.

              It's kind of scary. How's the quality and how much volume do they have?

              I mean I don't mind cheap eats but I don't want used motor oil on my hummus and babaganouj ; ) lol

              Will try them next time in the area. Should I get a shot of pepto-bismol as an apetizer before ?

              Seriously how can they have such low prices and pay their rent?

              1. re: maj54us

                their food is ok but i would never recommend it to a tourist
                lebanese is pretty bad in montreal as it is.