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Dec 29, 2012 10:12 AM

Restaurants that allow BYOB's with corkage fees

An interesting thread about BYOB's brought up the point of what restaurants with liquor licenses still allow BYO's with a corkage fee.

I wish there were some kind of list of Philadelphia (and suburbs) restaurants that allow BYO's with corkage fees and how much they charge for same.

I'll be glad to begin this adventure off the top of my head:
Bistrot la Minette: $15
Sola: $2
Sovrano Bistro $8
Savona $35

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  1. Thanks arepo. This is helpful.

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    1. Anyone know the current rules at Garces Trading Co? Last time I was there I think the first bottle was free then $10 each bottle after? Something like that. Unique situation because there is a wine shop on site, but Garces doesn't make any money off of it.

      1. It's just not the restaurants that have liquor licenses that charge corkage fees. Some that don't have licenses charge for corkage, too.

        La Verona (which has a license) in Kennett Square charges $7 or $8. Blue Pear Bistro just south of West Chester charges $10/bottle.