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Dec 29, 2012 09:30 AM

Need advice on serving duck confit as an appetizer

I am taking some confit to a party where we will be making pizza for dinner. I want to serve the confit with something other than bread as an apppetizer. Any ideas? thanks.

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  1. What about in baked wonton cups?

    1. My first thought would be fried or roasted potato crisps but I"m assuming the potato may still too heavy with the pizza. Maybe with crisp endive leaves or how about on baked kale leaves?

      1. Discs of roasted celeriac or raw white turnip.

        1. Perhaps you could scoop out the middle of boiled new potatoes and fill them with confit. I wonder how it would be on top of devilled eggs.

          1. I often have it served as a first course over a salad of arugula and a sweet fruit such as strawberries, persimmon or a nice smear of great jam and some goat cheese on the salad.