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Food Court Wars premieres 12/29 on Food Network


This is as low as it gets, right? I hope?

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  1. Before I even opened your post, I thought to myself "how much lower can reality TV get?" That said, I spend alot of time in food courts as a young teen. They were always very entertaining places to be.

    1. How's it lower than Food Truck races (Tyler) and Hell's Kitchen (Gordon)?

      1. I just watched this. Could Tyler Florence be any more biased???? He definitely gave one team (Kettle & Spouts) more advice, encouragement and help than the other team (Perkins & Sons) in my opinion, as well as DH's. Don't think we'll be watching the rest of the series!

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        1. re: boyzoma

          You know these things are edited heavily, all reality shows actually, so don't go by what you see.

          1. re: StevenL57

            Wow, really? Of course I know they are edited. I just don't like HOW it was edited. Total turn-off for me. It made Tyler look very dumbed down in my personal opinion.

        2. FOOD COURT WARS????
          Dear god...FN has finally, truly, definitively jumped the shark.


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            Next...Cooking with Honey Boo Boo.

            This show will give you hints on how to use all those processed foods you've stockpiled from your extreme couponing.

            No fresh foods will be harmed in the making of this show.

            1. Having just watched this show I couldn't agree with boyzoma more! Being a huge fan of food network (and most of the shows on it) I can safely say I will NOT be watching with show anymore due to Tyler's blatant bias for the one team. Being the host of the show he should be unbiased and root equally as well as support both teams; plus you would think having Gordon Ramsey being the producer he would have caught something like that.

              1. I suspect Ramsey's http://www.onepotatotwopotato.tv/
                has a lot more responsibility for the content of this pilot than FN.

                1. It reminded me of a recent FN flop about the next 'best fast food joint' wherein the winner was awarded 3 locations for his restaurants and all went belly-up within a short period.

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                  1. re: mucho gordo

                    I think that show was on NBC, rather than the FN. All that said, I won't be watching this.....

                    1. re: dbrodbeck

                      yes, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America&...
                      Americas Next Great Restaurant, resulting in 3 short lived 'Soul Daddy' outlets.

                      In the last Food Truck race, all teams started with nothing but the outfitted truck. The winners got to keep their truck. Though it looks like Seoul Sausage no longer has the truck, but has a new fixed location in WLA


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                        Seoul Sausage like you reported is doing well in LA with a stand alone not a truck. Also Nom Nom from the prior season is still in business and I have visited multiple times.

                  2. Why is it low? The business is owned by someone right?...or someone wanting to own a business They get a chance to win something in this case a years lease in a food court mall. Where hopefully they might earn some money for their family...the nerve.

                    Funny how every time I look at this subject thread in chowhound the word sanctimonious pops in to my head (then I'm like damn you irony).

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                      My gut sense from seeing a few minutes midway through was that the biggest challenge is keeping things interesting. They were talking about revising the menu, and going over the budget. Not exactly show-stopping material.