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Dec 29, 2012 09:06 AM

What cookware is stainless, not really heavy and has handles that won't burn me

I have some Cuisinart Pro 3-ply that are too heavy and the long handles drive me crazy when storing. I have to use a hot mat when picking up the lids. I like best my very old Farberware. I want a new set that isn't as heavy as All-clad or Cuisinart Pro, doesn't have handles long enough to fight each other, and handles that are safe to pick up when cooking. And yes, I know that might mean plastic handles. Help!!!

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  1. Use a combination of search terms such as...

    low / shallow
    casserole / braiser
    sauteuse / rondeau
    round oven pan / roaster
    everyday pan

    ... should at least get you started.

    Clad bottom is lighter than fully cladded cookware.

    Good luck.

    1. I agree with cutipie. In general, disc bottom cladded cookware are much lighter than fully cladded cookware. There have been many similar recent post along your question. You may want to read those as well.

      1. You know, I did a search trying to read old questions like this because that's what I always do. Actually my Google search brought me to this site. However searching here didn't help, because only one post came up that was vaguely close to this question. Don't know if I used wrong search words, but searching didn't help me find the old posts.

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