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SD Dish of the Month Jan. 2013 - VOTING Thread

Okay, I'm back in town (and glad to see the sun again) and took a few minutes to review the Jan. 2013 dish of the month nomination thread. There were two suggestion that had multiple nods


So those are the two final choices. To pick one, simply reply to this post and put in CAPITAL LETTERS which one you'd like to explore for the month of January.

You can vote up til 11:59 pm on December 31st, cuz at 12:01 am, I'll be posting the winner

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  1. CARNE ASADA (You realize my waistline is going to suffer)

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    1. re: chris2269

      Yours and mine both, no matter which one wins :-D

    2. SOUP (just to even things up)

              1. Hey everyone--I'm new to the boards!

                Looking forward to getting to know everyone...

                As my 'first official act', I vote for SOUP...

                Here's to a great New Year!

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                      1. I think that Beach Chick should be the dish of the month. I'd have gone with DiningDiva, but since she started this thread it didn't seem right.

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                        1. re: RB Hound

                          I've been a 'Hot Dish' my whole life and just looking to be a plate or something.