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Dec 29, 2012 07:32 AM

Champagne Markups (Globe Sat Dec 29 article)

Great exposure of markup policies.

But licensees (restaurants, bars, etc.) do not have to pay certain taxes on alcohol, such as the HST. I'd guess that a bottle of Veuve would cost them under $60, which makes the markups even higher...

I remember Les Parigo at Parkside and Bloor. The owner had all Champagnes from Vintages, marked up retail plus $15...He made about $22 - 25 a bottle since he paid licensee prices.

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  1. Thanks for posting that. l love this quote in the article: 'Nick Di Donato, Pres & CEO Liberty Entertainment Group, which owns Rosewater (its price for the Billecart-Salmon is $195, a markup of 150 per cent) says the central problem with wine and champagne pricing is that restaurateurs receive no discount for bulk buying from the LCBO'.

    Oh, so he bases his high mark-up on the fact he doesn't get a discount? So, he charges lower markups when the price he pays for a bottle is lower? Hardly!

    I think that if a bottle of bubbly has a ridiculous mark-up we should just tell the server how many bottles we are willing to buy at what price and they can either take it or leave it.