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Lucky Robot - review

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Fun place, good food.

Had the brussel sprout ap ($4) and the schoolgirl bowl ($8), which was a mix of white meat chicken, veggies, a spicy sauce + aioli, over rice (enough to take half home for lunch). Both were delightful. Famously, one orders from an iPad. It shows pictures of the dish, there's a button for calling the waitperson, and you use it to pay as well. Twice the food for half the price of Sway, much better service, not as big a scene, but trendy just the same.

It is on South Congress between Amy's and the Continental Club.

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  1. I should add: with a vegetarian husband, it was nice to find a Japanese Restaurant with extensive choices for him.

    I am returning tonight with five friends and will update this review afterwards.

    They take reservations for parties of 5 or more.

    1. Took five friends there last night. Everyone delighted. Brussel sprouts, seaweed salad, and spicy edamame appetizers were all a hit. Asked for aioli with the b-sprouts. Everyone had noodle or rice bowls, and there were no leftovers. The only disappointment was the dessert, donatsu, which was a couple of fried dough balls with a tablespoon of raspberry dipping sauce and and a thimble full of Amy's ice cream. Better to go next door to Amy's for a full helping.

      1. same owners as Zen, so I'm highly skeptical. That place is terrible.

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