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Dec 29, 2012 07:15 AM

Good eats near the newly installed Space Shuttle Endeavour

On my way back to San Diego from a trip to the California Science Center, I took a small detour from the 110 South to visit a local institution, Ken's Ice Cream Parlor. It was a delight to meet the parlor’s proprietor, Wanda Johnson-Pope and even more fun to partake of her delicious ice cream. It got me wondering, what other not to be missed local establishments are there in and around Exposition Park?

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    1. Well, in the vein of Ken's, you might as well start the day off at Tommy's.

      1. It isn't walking distance, but rather a little over mile away. Whenever I'm in that neck I crave the cochinita pibil at Flor de Yucatan up on Hoover just north of the 10.

        1. Just 3.3 miles away from Langer's Deli. The best pastrami and rye you'll find anywhere. Open till 4pm and Closed Sundays.

          1. Even closer than Langer's (which I highly recommend) is Dino's, two blocks west of Vermont on Pico, N/W corner of Berendo. Burgers, pastrami, carne asada, etc. -- but almost everyone will be ordering the chicken combo -- a red-tinged half-chicken, flame-grilled, with a fantastic marinade that is vinegary and garlicky and wonderful -- I order extra -- served over a mountain of fries with cole slaw and tortillas for all of $5.50.

            If you go to Langer's note there is a validated parking lot a block to the east and the other -- north -- side of 7th. Langer's will also deliver out to your car if you call them, but I recommend eating in -- a pastrami sandwich, split an order of crinkle-cut fries done well, and if really hungry a cup of matzo-ball soup.

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                Yes. You can access the California Science Center from just east going north (Figueroa) or from just west (Vermont). From the western border of the USC campus Dino's is much closer (Pico) than Langer's (7th, north of Olympic, and Alvarado).

                1. re: nosh

                  Most these places are under 5 miles from the Shuttle (in other words you won't need a Space Shuttle hitting 19,000 mph to arrive at your dining destination in a timely fashion) ;-D>