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Dec 29, 2012 05:44 AM

Penang - Hakka "Yong Tau Foo" at Padang Brown (Update)

Back to this famous "yong tau foo" stall in Padang Brown again this afternoon.

Simply loved the "yong tau foo" stall here: its stock has this light yet tasty "traditional" taste of boiled pork and pig's innards. My fave selection included pig's blood pudding, large and small pig's intestines, fishballs stuffed with minced pork & minced garlic, okra and chilis stuffed with fish-paste. One of my old-timer Penang friends quipped that the Penang version today was how KL's famous Cecil Street "yong tau foo" in the 1970s tasted like.

In fact, the Penang friend's reminiscence of old-world dining started off a rather nostalgic discussion amongst the other older friends about KL's dining scene in the 70s (which I absolutely have no idea about): Medan Selera's "ice kachang", "sar hor fun", "satay"; High Street's prawn noodles and pig's ears soup; Pudu's roast duck, etc.

Back to the current day, I should also mention that the Penang "char koay teow" at Padang Brown is absolutely delicious as well - don't miss it!

Address details
Padang Brown Hawker Centre
Anson Road, Perak Road & Dato' Keramat Road
10150 Penang

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  1. I also liked their serving system - you go in a circle around the stainless steel "buffet," picking out the food items you want, and end up at the cooking dude, pay and collect the selection with soup and/or noodles.. quite efficient.

    1. Very nice, another one of my favourite places to hang out and have good food in the afternoon and evening. Didn't you have any of the famous crab-meat popiah there?

      1. WOWW!! I'm currently in Penang on holiday and was at this stall yesterday evening after reading klyeoh's post.

        I had never ever tasted anything like this for a long, long time!Penang yong tau foo have a very tasty broth, almost like the type we have in Singapore back in the good old days when our hawkers were selling in the streets. I already forgot how good yong tau foo soup tasted like until yesterday. I'm going back again today before I leave for the airport.

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        1. re: makanputra

          "Penang yong tau foo have a very tasty broth, almost like the type we have in Singapore back in the good old days when our hawkers were selling in the streets."

          Precisely my point, makanputra - hawkers in Penang (and Ipoh, KL and other towns in Malaysia) still go through the arduous, tedious old-style preparation techniques which our hawkers in Singapore had dispensed with, and in many cases, forgotten.

          "Yong tau foo" broth in Penang is obtained by long, slow-boiling of pork bones and "sai-to yu"/"ikan parang" fish bones to obtain the sweet, tasty, deep-flavored soup. *That* was the way old "yong tau foo" hawkers in Singapore used to do. But these days, it's the ubiquitous (shock, horror, dismay!) soybeans and "ikan bilis" soup stock *everywhere* in Singapore :-(

          1. re: klyeoh

            I never liked Singapore hawker these days and I never will again.
            In the 1970s, the hawker food there was still good. Then, the government ban all street hawkers and you have all this central factories mass producing food.

            1. re: penang_rojak

              Totally agree, penang_rojak.

              Back to the Padang Brown Hakka "yong tau foo", it was indeed gratifying that once, when I was there with one of my brothers-in-law who's Hakka, he could actually converse with the stall-owner/cook in their own Hakka dialect. Back in Singapore, most Chinese dialects have died out as the younger generation can only speak in Mandarin.

        2. wow that looks amazing