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Dec 28, 2012 09:08 PM

Zakkushi is open!

Fantastic Japanese grilled meat and fish/seafoood on sticks!

It is tapas style eating.

Be sure to try the chicken with cheese, premium beef, fried chicken knees, pork stick, premium beef tongue, oropon beef, squid, and chicken gizzards. Everything is good really and complete with different sauces for each.

I found the execution and flavouring equally matched to their original Denman location in Vancouver.

NOTE: Call ahead if you must wait until they get their liquor license otherwise take advantage of the easy to get tables right now!

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  1. Had someone in from Montreal so I went back to Zakkushi. A couple of the items were a bit salty this time but not over the top annoying. The pork stick was a real standout this time as well as the squid and beef.

    They are all so nice and extremely attentive!

    1. Thanks for the right up.

      Link for those that need it:

      It is at Carlton and Ontario Street (west of Parliment)

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          Arg, how did I type "right" up instead of "write up"....!

        2. Thanks for the review. I love yakitori...but it can get a bit expensive, the way I eat it!

          1. Finally made it down there!

            Ordered a whole bunch of charcoal grilled items including their Premium Set, Zakkushi set, chicken wings, chicken skin, chicken liver, ox-tongue, bacon wrapped quails eggs, potatoes with spicy cod roe mayo...etc

            Non chargrilled items included the Fried Amaebi with seasalt, Scallops salad, Grilled rice balls, creamed corn croquettes, Seafood yakitori don.. etc.

            Mostly hits with just a few misses. All chargrilled items had lovely smokey flavor and none over-burnt! A definite success! However, Teriyaki sauce was less flavorful than Ju-Izakaya up north.

            Of all the dishes, grilled and non-grilled, the winner happened to be the Creamed corn croquette! Very delicious filling!

            The Annin Tofu dessert was delicious but did not set!! Ended up 'drinking' the jelly dessert instead!! A 'weird' failure!!

            Conclusion! If one would like to savor more exotic ingredients like Wagyu Beef or organic chicken galore and wider selection, then Zukkashi is the place to go. However, for regular char-grilled items, Ju-Izakaya inside of J-Town is equally good and slightly cheaper.

            1. I went a couple days ago and they still don't have their license. I think it's still worth going though, and believe me that's not a statement I make lightly.
              It's great to have some yakitori within walking distance of the subway system. I recently had a terribly disappointing meal at "Yakitori Bar" so Zakkushi was all the more exciting.
              Only a few complaints: the price, like Charles mentioned, is high.
              I wish they had those yakitori where they stuff the shishito peppers with the same meat as the tsukune. I love that one and I haven't seen it in Toronto.
              Also, they shout when people come in the door. Just because Guu does it, does everybody else in town have to?

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              1. re: graydyn

                Shouting is pretty common at Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, and at all three Zakkushis here (though less so at the Main Street one). I thought it was kind of traditional to get a chorused "irashai" when I walk into a sushi bar or izakaya.

                1. re: grayelf

                  This was my understanding too. It's just a traditional greeting. Though some restaurants amp it up to the nth degree!

                  1. re: jlunar

                    Outside Canada I've heard irashai mase spoken a lot, but not hollered. Shouting indoors is just obnoxious either way.