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Dec 28, 2012 09:05 PM

How do you like to dine...booth or table?

I'm a booth chick..

Had friends refuse the booth and only want to sit at a table...even if it is in the middle of the room, vs the booth, against the wall, seeing all but still secretive to some degree and who doesn't just love the feel of naugahyde!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Ha...are you thinking of the post with the hoggy, one cup of Joe screenwriters, alone, taking up precious booth space?

      1. re: Beach Chick


        I, too, am partial to booths.

        Although I do hate to be the "bitch" and get stuck in the middle and nature calls ...

        1. re: ipsedixit

          I love to sit in the middle! Rarely do I get up during the meal.

    2. depends how many of us are there? do I need the ability to make a clean break and sneak away for a few minutes (say for a smoke) and not be shoved in next to someone worse than an airplane seat (I have claustrophobia bad) or is it just the 2 of us? clingy relatives with abandonment issues or pals?

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      1. re: hill food

        To me, there is nothing worse than a small booth.
        I want a booth that seats 6 comfortably without anyone touching..
        It is a drag when you have to excuse yourself and your in the middle...especially, if your wearing shorts and your skin sticks and makes for not a pretty scene.

        1. re: Beach Chick

          I have been in places where the booths are in the middle so each side has 2 exits, and I have seen cool circular high-backed ones seating 6-8 with 3-4 openings, sort of like your own little private dining room.

          but I think I prefer a wall lined with a long banquette fronted with small tables and chairs, it's sort of the best of both worlds. easily adapted to various #'s (2-4-6 etc.) if you want a chair you get a chair, if you want the defensible sensibility of your back against the wall, you can get that too.

          1. re: hill food

            My poor father needs his back to the wall and to sit in a chair so the banquette are a nightmare for our family.

      2. Tables for me....booths are too small....and i really dislike the moron sitting behind me pressing or banging on the banquette seat.

        1. my waistline has exceeded the capacity of many, but not all booths. other than that I don't have a strong prefernce most of the time. I like the freedom to move my chair a bit and wiggle around a bit that a table provides, but the booth gives a nice sense of privacy.

          there used to be a restaurant here with those large wicker 'peacock' chairs. sort of the best of both worlds, so long as the waiter was attentive.

          1. Booth. Tables are bulls-eyes for elbows, handbags, hips, trays, etc. attached to passersby making contact with my head, back, shoulders, arms, etc. I don't know about you, but I prefer to not be under attack while I am eating.