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Dec 28, 2012 08:52 PM

Michael Booth's "Sushi and Beyond"

Most of the restaurants visited are named, but one udon place in Osaka, which he says would be his dying wish last meal went unnamed. Does anyone know which place this could be? One that serves gyoza in udon, so it must be a little unique.

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  1. From what I can gather, it is a “B-kyu gurume” (B-class gourmet) dish, which looks like a noodle fritter, that is said to have been invented by a housewives in Takatsuki, Osaka...but there is debate about this as most locals apparently didn't know anything about it until the media started hyping it.
    I don't know where Michael Booth ate his gyoza udon, but here is a map of places where you can eat it:

    Tabelog has crashed -first day of the holidays - so I can't check any of the reviews at the moment.

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      Tabelog is finally back. Izakaya Doujou, near Takatsukishi station, has the best udon gyoza (うどんギョーザ) reviews. It's #10 on the map I posted.

      Not sure why this would be anyone's dying wish, but to each their own...

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        thanks a lot! i will check this place out over the break. i can imagine what it will be like, but takatsuki is nearby, so why not? thanks again!