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Dec 28, 2012 08:50 PM

Adelitas on Victoria Drive

Finally managed to make up to Adelitas on Victoria Drive and couldn't be Happier-Thanks for the recommendation whoever made on here-I think it was the venerable GE.

My penchant for pint sized cafes was more than fulfilled by this sweet little place so much like so many places south of the Rio Grande.

The poignant part of visiting somewhere like this is how the small details come back-for example my favourite kind of Mexican beans (frijoles) don't have a lot of flavour and yet there is something about this ubiquitous side dish that invokes a longing not a culinary one but an emotional one.

Best Chiles Rellenos con Queso since a Oaxacan visit long ago-a masterful production of this ambrosial creation.

Can't recommend this place enough if you're a fan of Mexican-I'll be heading back soon for the fish soup that's only available after 16:00hrs-haven't had a real Mexican Caldo de Pescado since....

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  1. Thanks for the update, Sam. I thought I'd written a fuller report but did find this one:

    Not everything they make is a homerun but definitely worth a visit. I need to go back soon.

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      Dug up a bunch of pix from our two visits in September, including one of your beloved rellenos! Sadly the photo option seems to have either just crapped out for today or is even more FUBARed that before the site changes -- I was only able to post the first two shots of drinks. Tried to add some more in a second post -- seems to be random which ones I can attach and how many tries it takes. Way too time consuming at any rate.