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Dec 28, 2012 08:12 PM

Sister Schubert Frozen Rolls

I have heard rave reviews about these rolls and fortunately spotted them in my local grocery store. I plan to serve them at a small holiday dinner next week. What variety would you recommend? I just wasn't sure whether to buy the yeast rolls or the soft dinner rolls.

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  1. We love the yeast rolls that come in a round foil pan, all stuck together. They are so delicious that they don't even need buttering.

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        I know the thread is clearly about Sister Schubert but are there any Rhodes > Sister Schubert fans.

      2. I am glad that Sister Schubert's orange-glazed yeast rolls are hard to find; we love them so that we'd surely be dragging more poundage about if we ate them on a regular basis. Fantastic. We had some here while my SIL and her husband were visiting--and he mentions them every time we discuss food.

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          Good to hear another positive review. I decided on Rhodes this past time but was not too impressed so perhaps if I don't have time for homemade sometime in the future again that I will try out Sister Schubert.