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Dec 28, 2012 05:53 PM

Baltic polish restaurant in Berlin, CT

Very elegant polish restaurant. Friendly staff and had live music this night,Friday . I had the bigos(hunters stew) which was very good. Also had the Gdansk special consisting of 2 large potato pancakes,kielbasa,sauerkraut, and 2 stuffed cabbage. It was a big meal, I ate half and brought half home. The men's bathroom was very clean. The entire space is beautiful! The restaurant building looks pretty new and they have a large catering room. The wine is very minimal but the good polish comfort food made up for it.

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  1. Here is a picture in the dining room.

    1. I live in town and haven't managed to dine at the new, expanded location (previously located in a small space on Farmington Avenue). I purchased a certificate a couple of months back and maybe your post will get me off my duff and into the restaurant. Thanks for posting.

      1. I like the Baltic, too, but hadn't been in a few years since it was down the street next to the donut shop. The new space is a huge upgrade--I agree, it's beautiful!

        The menu remains the same, with some dinner additions for people who don't like Polish food (who ARE these people, anyway?).

        The regular lunch menu offers soup or salad with each entree, but is NOT available on Saturday. You'll have dinner portions for lunch if you go on the weekend, FYI, and they don't come with soup or salad. The bread is excellent--ours was a soft rye with sunflower seeds on top.

        I love the potato pancakes, but I think the cheese crepes are my very favorite menu item. We were chatting with some regulars, who insisted we try some red borscht and had it delivered to our table. I wouldn't have ordered it otherwise, but did enjoy it.

        Polish beer is available, too.

        If you do go for lunch and have time afterwards, obviously, you like Polish food, so you owe it to yourself to head north on 71 to Broad Street in New Britain for some shopping. Check out Zieleniak Green Grocery (try their fresh pierogi), Nozewski, Polmart...and the many other little storefronts in between. I don't speak Polish, but I now know how to say hello and will return to Broad Street again soon to bid them dzieƄ dobry! There's a nice little cafe near Polmart where you can relax in comfy chairs in the sunshine as you sip your latte or cappucino.

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          Thanks! I'm actually going back in March and having some family join us for my fathers retirement. He is have polish and has never been to any polish restaurants in CT.

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            Should be a good time. Congrats to your dad!

            P.S. re fresh kielbasa. The one from Zieleniak was good. The one we had from Czapiga in Meriden around Christmastime was even better. I hear great things about Filipek's in Meriden, too (in case you feel like going kielbasa shopping!).