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Dec 28, 2012 05:46 PM

Family dining options near Cicero/Oak Park - suggestions wanted


We are a family of 11, i.e. 8 adult, 3 children. We live in the Cicero/Oak Park neighborhood.

We are looking for a family dining option for dinner on a Sunday evening, around 6pm.

We eat all cuisines, and meats, vegetables, but as there are kids, we are not looking for something very exotic.

Greektown comes to mind as a possibility, however, we are open to most areas within a 20 minute drive.

We are looking for great food, good service and an atmosphere that is open to kids, i.e. not jacket and tie sit down.

In terms of budget, anything along the lines of $30-$50 per person is fine, we can go slightly up or down.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


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  1. Gaetano's in Forest Park is a very good Italian place.

    1. Your budget is on the high end for the suburbs, so I am going to take that to mean that you want a good quality place.

      Two restaurants in Oak Park have recently been given Michelin honors - Sen Sushi (Japanese on Oak Park Avenue) and Marion Street Cheese Market (Classic American). Both have quite good food. We just ate at Sen Sushi with my 7 year old niece and they even had a kids menu for her. Neither is fancy or stuffy and both are nice neighborhood places, yet each has a unique atmosphere.

      I would pass on Greektown. Sunday is crazy busy and loud family night and things will be crazy and loud. And honestly, I think the Greek restaurant in Oak Park is better! Papaspiros

      The best Italian in Oak Park opened in the last year or so - Il Vicolo Trattoria. Other unique places to consider could be Maya del Sol (Neuvo Latin food) or Autre Monde (just South of Oak Park in Berwyn on Roosevelt road).

      All of these are well within your budget, with the Japanese restaurant being the priciest if you are Sushi eaters. Definitely call for a reservation. Several of them have small seating areas so you may have some trouble.

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        Hi friends,

        Thanks for the replies. We decided to go to Connie's Pizza, as some of the children in the group like it.

        I hope it is a good choice!

        Thank you for your suggestions!

        Happy New Year!