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Dec 28, 2012 05:40 PM

December 30/31-Restaurant Ideas for Downtown

We are spending two nights at The Royal York, with no definitive dining plans. We are not sure what is open and what our best options would be. Looking for some ideas. Open to all suggestions


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  1. Well, every restaurant will be open. I think you have to give SOME kind of least a price limit or style of cuisine/restaurant

    1. Try some of our newer restos. You may have luck getting a reservation at Kingyo - that would be lucky IMO. Depending on your prefs, Zakkushi's offering may be too casual as it is basically grilled items on a stick - but great tasting and a fun place.

      1. Sorry, that was quite vague. We are loooking for an early evening dining option for New Years Eve. Steakhouse would be great, fits my profile, as better half is not too adventerous. Money is not really an object,


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          If you haven't found a place for tonight, try Jacob and Co. I have a feeling you'd be able to get an early reso say at 6 or so.

        2. The tricky part for tomorrow night might be having to call around to make sure a place is offering a normal menu vs.some sort of prix fix or other fixed menu. I imagine the higher end steak houses shouldn't be a problem for this. Some good recommendations in this thread:

          1. Barberians. Good enough for Dick & Liz!