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Dec 28, 2012 04:20 PM

Trader Joe's in Middleton now carries liquor...

I went to Costco in Danvers today and decided to stop at Trader Joe's on 114 in Middleton, on my way back. I walked in and they had a big display of Prosecco for $6.00, sorry but forget the brand.

I went through the rest of the store and on the last isle to the left, is a huge wall of wine and beer.

I bought a six pack of Joseph Brau Bavarian Hefeweizen for $5.99.

I usually go to Burlington, but will now go to Middleton a few extra times when I need to. :)

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  1. They sell hard liquor too! Got a bottle of Glen Levitz for $40. Store is in Peabody, not Middleton

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      Oh good to know Shaebones... lol! I never know where the town line is on that road.

    2. Lookout Kappy's, Trader Joe's is sandwiched between two of your locations.