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Dec 28, 2012 03:52 PM

Perfect Team Corporation Replacement?

I loved PTC. Now that it's gone, where would you go for Dim Sum (in Flushing or elsewhere)?

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  1. Jade Asian for one. Lake Pavillion for two.

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    1. re: budcar

      I think that Jade has gone downhill. I went there twice last year and the quality was simply not there. I like The Grand Restaurant (on the top of the New World Mall) more.

        1. re: purpleceline

          I liked it a little bit more but frankly it's hardly a compliment. I personally prefer Grand and Dong Yi Feng.

          1. re: diprey11

            The dim sum at Grand Restaurant are a bit untraditional and less tasty than Jade Asian imho . Asian Jewels is good, but I've never heard of Dong Yi Feng. Can you locate it?

            1. re: budcar

              Dong Yi Feng (東溢豐, aka Good Kitchen, but they changed their English names several times) is at 135-29 37th Ave, one block from Main St

          2. re: purpleceline

            asian jewels is pretty bad generally