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Dec 28, 2012 02:58 PM

Lola's Louisiana Kitchen

Don't nickel and dime me. The food is not extraordinary, I have been to New Orleans. The service is slow, slow, slow. Also the restaurant seating is basically diner like and when the door opens it is cold, cold, cold. However here is the catch I ordered a meal with two sides. One of the sides I ordered was grits. When the bill came the grits were 2.00 more, I questioned the waitress who said "oh I should have told you that". She did not take it off the bill. In addition I did not get any bread and no one asked me if I wanted it. Sorry no need to return.

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  1. Have you expressed your feelings to them? How can a restaurant change if it doesn't here the complaints along with the praise?

    1. Have I expressed my feelings to them? I sure did I told the waitress and she stood there staring and loudly said that is our policy. I felt embarassed and shamed and I am sure she meant to do that. What should I have done lgrabbed the manager made a scene over 2.00? Obviously she intended to make me feel small.

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        Well, yeah. If you don't call them out on it, it doesn't get resolved. No need to make a scene, just talk with them as an adult. If the policy is to tell the customer ahead of time,than she obviously blew it. You also mentioned the poor service, and the cold. If the manager knows what they are doing, you will get some satisfaction if they want you back. Good news is good, but bad news travels faster.