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Dec 28, 2012 02:36 PM

Uses for walnut oil?

I've been gifted a bottle and have never used it before. I do know it's used in salad dressings. If anyone has a recipe to share, I'd appreciate it.

Besides dressing salads, how else do you use it?

Many thanks!!

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  1. It is nice as a finishing drizzle on cooked & pureed veggies too. Anywhere you want a subtle, nutty flavor. You can also drizzle some on cooked risottos or pastas.

    1. I use it to dress plain, steamed veggies. Sometimes I just toss with walnut oil and a vinegar and sometimes I use it with a little mustard to emulsify. Don't heat it--the flavor is delicate and will be lost. I've also used it to dress grain salads, like farro.

      1. You could try it as a substitute for Sesame Oil for an Asian Dipping sauce recipe / condiment

        1. My salad dressing :

          5 T walnut oil
          2 T cider vinegar
          2 t Dijon mustard
          2-3 cloves of garlic, smushed
          crack of pepper
          crack of sea salt

          Put in a glass jar with a lid and shake shake shake.

          I like to use this to top a salad of greens, Granny Smith apples, red onion, toasted walnuts, and blue cheese.

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            That looks/sounds good. Thanks for sharing! :)

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              Yes, I agree, and I'm stealing it, thank you!

            2. It can be used in cakes or cookies to add a nutty flavor, as a (partial) replacement for another fat. It works especially well in apple cake.

              Walnut oil, like other nut oils, has a short shelf life. Keep it in a dark, cool place and use it as often as you can. I've thrown out more than one partially used bottle of rancid walnut oil, after it somehow got moved behind other things in the pantry and I forgot it was there.

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                look for northern italian recipes - it is used in Piedmont cooking, in a variety of recipes including bagno caldo (a garlic, anchovy dip for vegetables), to finish soups (as olive oil may be used). it is delicate, does not last long, and should not be put on high heat.

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                  Keep it in the fridge for longest life.

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                    "Walnut oil, like other nut oils, has a short shelf life.:

                    And that is why I so seldom buy it. I've thrown out quite a bit over time myself.

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                      That's why it is recommended to keep oils like this in the fridge...not in the cupboard. It'll keep for a year or more.