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Cheese to go with smoked trout?

I posted this in Home Cooking, not realizing there was a cheese board. Silly me! Anyway, I'm serving some smoked trout as part of a New Year's brunch buffet, and wonder what kind of cheeses would work with it. I probably want to have three varieties. Any ideas?

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  1. Cream cheese ought to be one of them, maybe with a garnish of diced red onions and capers. What sort of platform are you using: crackers, pumpernickel, baby rye, crispbread?

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      Thanks. Haven't decided on the platform yet! It's part of a larger buffet that's pretty southern-influenced (hoppin' john, cornbread, greens, etc.), so maybe not pumpernickel. Just crackers, I guess.

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        Sounds like you are planning a yummy spread! HNY!

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        Not a cheese, but creme fraiche is splendid with smoked trout.

      3. You didn't say if you want cheeses you can find at your supermarket or if you will be buying from a cheese shop or counter with a large selection. There are many possibilities, but, if you don't want to get too complicated, the previously suggested cream cheese, a soft goat cheese, and a hearty cheddar would complement your trout well.

        1. I would like an aged Gruyere with smoked trout. On a chunk of hearty country bread.

          For another idea, at a friend's house on Thanksgiving, she served home-smoked salmon with little dabs of a goat cheese/dill spread, and baby spinach leaves to wrap the bits in. It was delicious.

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            Thanks for all the ideas. I'm in Brooklyn, so I have access to a mighty good selection!

            1. Love a good smear of Camembert under the trout, myself.

              1. I think a carmely gouda with a bit of age would pair nicely with the smoked trout.

                1. I know this is late to the party, but I'd say pretty much any relatively mild, creamy cheese you enjoy would go well - so long as it's not also smoked.

                  1. So, fish and cheese pairings are always tricky: they aren't thought to be particularly friendly with one another. I would go with something mild and tangy with... maybe citrusy flavors: a good fresh goat goat cheese like from coach farm, or westfield goat farm if you are on the east coast, on the west coast there are lots of options like Cyprus grove, etc. In the center of the country you should look for brands like Zingerman's Creamery or Capriole.

                    You might also consider going with an artisan cream cheese like those from Zingerman's or Sierra Nevada. They are a completely different product from Philadelphia!