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Dec 28, 2012 02:34 PM

Cheese to go with smoked trout?

I posted this in Home Cooking, not realizing there was a cheese board. Silly me! Anyway, I'm serving some smoked trout as part of a New Year's brunch buffet, and wonder what kind of cheeses would work with it. I probably want to have three varieties. Any ideas?

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  1. Cream cheese ought to be one of them, maybe with a garnish of diced red onions and capers. What sort of platform are you using: crackers, pumpernickel, baby rye, crispbread?

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    1. re: Veggo

      Thanks. Haven't decided on the platform yet! It's part of a larger buffet that's pretty southern-influenced (hoppin' john, cornbread, greens, etc.), so maybe not pumpernickel. Just crackers, I guess.

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        Sounds like you are planning a yummy spread! HNY!

      2. re: Veggo

        Not a cheese, but creme fraiche is splendid with smoked trout.

      3. You didn't say if you want cheeses you can find at your supermarket or if you will be buying from a cheese shop or counter with a large selection. There are many possibilities, but, if you don't want to get too complicated, the previously suggested cream cheese, a soft goat cheese, and a hearty cheddar would complement your trout well.

        1. I would like an aged Gruyere with smoked trout. On a chunk of hearty country bread.

          For another idea, at a friend's house on Thanksgiving, she served home-smoked salmon with little dabs of a goat cheese/dill spread, and baby spinach leaves to wrap the bits in. It was delicious.

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            Thanks for all the ideas. I'm in Brooklyn, so I have access to a mighty good selection!

            1. Love a good smear of Camembert under the trout, myself.