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Dec 28, 2012 02:07 PM

What kind of cheese goes with smoked trout?


I'm serving some awesome smoked trout as part of a New Year's buffet. Someone suggested that it goes well with cheese. But what kind? I am stumped...any ideas?

  1. perhaps my favorite is mozzarella di bufala / fresh buffalo mozzarella
    most mild,rich and creamy cheeses work well with smoked trout without competing.

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    1. I like it with Gouda (and crispy bread) or cream cheese. I especially like Rozanne Golds "homemade cream cheese" by letting a full fat sour cream drip out overnight in a melita cone and coffee filter until it molds itself in the shape of the melita. Really good with fresh ground black pepper over the top and smoked salmon.

      1. Maybe a burrata? The rich, creamy taste and texture would be a nice contrast to the salty fish. Or (and?) go the other direction and find something hard with a bit of a bite like horseradish in it.

        1. I'm not sure that your friend's suggestion that smoked trout goes well with cheese is quite right. My favorite way to eat smoked trout is on a very thin rye bread with a bit of butter mixed with a drop of lemon juice. If you have a superior product, you might not want to cover it in cheese.

          Saying that, my sister made a smoked trout hot dip for Christmas day that was very good, but it wasn't to showcase special smoked trout. It was supermarket smoked trout, with mayo, sour cream, parmesan. Good stuff.

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