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in Dallas for one night

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We are staying at the Sheraton downtown. Any good tex mex food downtown. What else would you recommend to eat downtown. We are adventurous eaters. Thanks Chowhound Community.

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  1. Stephan Pyles on Ross Ave. Not tex-mex but southwest and very good.


    1. Most of us living in Dallas wouldn't exactly consider Tex-Mex as being adventurous.

      I second Stephan Pyles for dining in downtown Dallas. You won't be disappointed!

      1. I haven't been there, but I believe Iron Cactus is Tex-Mex downtown. You should be able to find a number of references to it on this board ...

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          Good catch foiegras! I never thought of Iron Cactus.


        2. Try Wild Salsa on Main near Main Street Garden. Iron Cactus is not nearly as good.

          1. Perhaps not the best TexMex, but for an overall TexMex "experience", the original El Fenix is on the northern fringe of downtown.

            If, on the otherhand, you're looking for a tequila bar, Iron Cactus is your answer.