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Dec 28, 2012 01:23 PM

The Palm in Tampa, a review

Sometimes going back to the basics is a good idea. I went to The Palm, in the Tampa Westshore Shopping Mall, yesterday, for the first time in a long time. Instead of the a la carte steaks for lunch that they used to offer, they had a pre fix menu with two four ounce filet mignons. I found the filets excellent. They were tender and juicy. Clearly, no meat tenderizer had touched them.

I also had the Caesar salad which was about average, except that the waiter actually asked if I wanted anchovies on the salad. (Yes!) And the anchovies were not excessively salty, just flavorful.

The vegetable which acompanied the steaks was a roasted red pepper and onion coulis, which was quite tasty and not overcooked.

The Palm offers a 9 ounce pour of wine for $8.37. There arre a wide variety of choices, many of them quite respectable wines. I had the Duckhorn Decoy, which is the less expensive version of a high end wine. I thought it was excellent and quite a bargain for for 9 ounces for $8.37.

I chose the fried potato chips and breaded onions entry as a side dish. They called it something else on the menu, but that was what it was, in reality. The potato chips were homemade and a bit chewy and tough. I would not recommend them. The fried onions, basically, did not exist. All that was left was the breading. But, boy, that breading was good! So I would give a mixed rating to this side dish and would recommend that you try something else in its place. There are several other choices.

The flourless chocolate cake was excellent, moist, and truly chocolaty. i recommend it highly.

I ate this meal a few days after Christmas at about 2:00 in the afternoon. The place was, not surprisingly, almost deserted. Service was impeccable with a male waiter, who, I think, had an Italian accent. Another server was concerned that I have enough light to read my novel by, but this was fine. I do think, though, that it showed a remarkable concern for detail. How many people who are just bringing you your food would even care?

Lunch cost $25.99, plus the wine, tax, and tip. You can get a lot of cheaper meals there, sandwiches, big salad and such, for about ten dollars less, but this is not part of the pre fixe deal.

My only suggestion to management would be to bring back the hash brown potatoes and skip the potatoes and onion dish which I had. The Palm is reknowned for its hash browns. Why take them off the menu?

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  1. Great Review. It sounds like the 9 oz wine pour is barely above cost. Makes me a lot more likely to want to go. Do you know if the $8.37 deal is all day, every day?

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    1. re: Robert R

      Robert R,

      I do not know if it is an all day special. It was on the lunch menu. I think that, based on the preprinted and fairly substantial looking lunch menu, it is probably offered every day, but maybe only for lunch.

    2. I have not eaten at the Palms, but dined twice at the Capital Grille, and it seems similar. The food was excellent, but the service was a combination of dreamy and impeccable - they even choose napkin color based on what the lady is wearing, so no lint. Now who woulda thought of that?

      Have you eaten there and how do they compare? Just curious (budget no longer allows for $$$$, but maybe someday again!).

      1. Joan,

        I've never eaten at the Capitol Grille. I really want to and I look forward to making the comparison. It is very nearby, so I really ought to try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. I eat at the palm in Orlando frequently and find it to be good food and very good service. I stopped by the palm in Tampa about 6 months ago to eat at the bar and was flat out ignored for 15 minutes...,,