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Dec 28, 2012 12:29 PM

Tampa Pizzo and Castellano's deli is shutting down. "Thanks for 125 great years." What happened?

I saw on the news last night that Pizzo and Castellano's of Tampa, an outstanding Italian deli and cheese shop, is closing at the end of the year, after 125 years in business. It breaks my heart when one of these Tampa institutions suddenly shuts down. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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  1. No answers, just adding my voice to the mourning (although I'm pretty sure it's Castellano & Pizzo)

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Yeah, you're right. I got the name wrong. Thanks.

    2. Geoffrey, they made very good sandwiches and I will miss them. You could see things falling off over the last couple of years. The selection got smaller and the place started to age. Oh well, we still have Wright's and Cacciatore for sandwiches. Mazzaro's for you, I guess.

      1. Well, there is always the possibility that it is the same reason as so many places like this close up and that is that maybe the next generation did not want to continue on with the business. Just a guess on my part.

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          Well, based on the article from deet13, I guess it was sold some time ago and the family that had it for over a hundred years is no longer in the picture. It's the new people who closed it down. What a shame.

        2. Here's a link to the article in the TBO about this...

          Unfortunately the article doesn't offer any real info.

          It's a shame. I can remember going to the old store down in Ybor City when I was a kid.