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Your favorite vegetarian lasagna recipe (spinach or else)

I've been assigned a vegetarian lasagna for NYE. Well, actually, I offered to make one, b/c I'm crazy that way. Never made lasagna, let alone vegetarian lasagna, so I'm hoping to hear YOUR bestest, favorite, most deliciously decadent recipe.

Also, it would be great if it didn't involve 10 pots & pans or 3 days of labor :-)

TIA, as always, dear hounds.

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  1. This is a really good, seasonal one - butternut squash with hazelnuts: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

    1. The best vegetarian lasagna I've made involved roasted butternut squash, chevre and sage, but I've misplaced the recipe. Here are some other squash lasagna recipes:




      Good luck!

      1. This is a huge hit in my house. My niece requires it every Thanksgiving and family get together. I use rainbow chard and a mix of mushrooms.

        For short cuts you can buy already peeled/chopped butternut squash, pre-sliced mushrooms and shredded mozzarella. Don't scrimp on the parmesan tho, get the good stuff and grate it yourself.


        1. We love this recipe for Winter Greens lasagna. You can pretty much use any greens you like - we prefer tuscan kale or chard. I usually double the amount of greens called for. It's very rich so quite suitable for a cold winter day.

          1. Friends who want healthy vegetarian lasagna rave about this:


            I've tweaked it various ways, and it always comes out good.

            1. Wow, thanks for all the quick and intriguing replies!

              I'm personally not too fond of butternut squash, as I find it to be a bit on the sweet side, but I'll def check out the links you've all posted.

              Oh... and no need for it to be healthy -- after all, we'll be ODing on 7 (!) different *pasta* dishes that night, so any health aspect is already out the window :-D

              Might as well go all out -- bring on the cream sauces, bechamels, the cheeses! As long as there is spinach or some other leafy green involved, we're all good.

              1. I don't really have a recipe, but I layer eggplant (baked or broiled first to dry out some), mushrooms, spinach and marinara in with no-boil lasagne noodles. Somewhere in the middle I put a layer of bechamel with lots of parmesan and garlic in it, then some mozzarella. More layers of eggplant, mushroom, etc.
                On top, dabs of the bechamel and shredded mozzarella.
                Bake with foil on for 40 minutes or so. Last 10 to 15 minutes uncovered.

                  1. my favorite off-beat recipe includes
                    kale or mustard greens (or spinach)
                    wild mushrooms
                    caramelized onions
                    roasted garlic
                    light bechamel
                    walnut pesto
                    roasted parsley
                    gruyere, jarlsberg or emmantaler

                    1. Roasted eggplants with roasted broccoli and some caramelized onions, all topped with a nice rich (meatless) marinara sauce.

                      (Optional: add roasted carrots)

                      1. Nice thread - you're probably already cooking, but it's a worthy discussion for future lasagna-e? I do a layer of sauteed greens (spinach or kale or chard of whatever) and a lot of mushrooms and sauteed garlic and onions with some TVP with Braggs and red sauce and also a layer of cottage cheese OR crumbled firm tofu that has been seasoned and mixed with an egg or two and perhaps some parmesan type cheese. Also sliced black olives, it's fun to tuck some mozzarella in there somewhere.

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                          He, yeah -- I was lucky enough to delegate lasagna duties to my man, who spent the last hour or so making Ina Garten's mushroom lasagna as slightly tweaked on the smittenkitchen blog. I'll be interested to see how it comes out.

                          Yes, I know. No spinach. Shame on me :-)

                          But I'm thinking lasagna/e might be a grrrrreat candidate for the February dish of the month thread!!!!

                        2. we love this recipe from cooks illustrated. a little time consuming, yes. but worth it! :)


                          1. This is too late for NYE, but I always did a version just like my grandma's meat, but with mushrooms instead of beef. Something like

                            Saute 2 lbs of mushrooms, chopped small, in butter.

                            Mix 1 lb ricotta with 1/2 cup parmesean, 1 cup shredded mozzerella, 1 egg and 10 oz frozen spinach.

                            Sometimes I shred carrotts and zucchini as well.

                            Use either jarred or already made tomato sauce.

                            Then layer
                            ricotta/parmesean/spinach mixture
                            other veggies
                            more mozzerella

                            bake 375 for about 40 min (I think).