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Dec 28, 2012 11:45 AM

Your favorite vegetarian lasagna recipe (spinach or else)

I've been assigned a vegetarian lasagna for NYE. Well, actually, I offered to make one, b/c I'm crazy that way. Never made lasagna, let alone vegetarian lasagna, so I'm hoping to hear YOUR bestest, favorite, most deliciously decadent recipe.

Also, it would be great if it didn't involve 10 pots & pans or 3 days of labor :-)

TIA, as always, dear hounds.

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  1. This is a really good, seasonal one - butternut squash with hazelnuts:

    1. The best vegetarian lasagna I've made involved roasted butternut squash, chevre and sage, but I've misplaced the recipe. Here are some other squash lasagna recipes:

      Good luck!

      1. This is a huge hit in my house. My niece requires it every Thanksgiving and family get together. I use rainbow chard and a mix of mushrooms.

        For short cuts you can buy already peeled/chopped butternut squash, pre-sliced mushrooms and shredded mozzarella. Don't scrimp on the parmesan tho, get the good stuff and grate it yourself.

        1. We love this recipe for Winter Greens lasagna. You can pretty much use any greens you like - we prefer tuscan kale or chard. I usually double the amount of greens called for. It's very rich so quite suitable for a cold winter day.

          1. Friends who want healthy vegetarian lasagna rave about this:


            I've tweaked it various ways, and it always comes out good.