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Dec 28, 2012 11:26 AM

I know it's early Nashvill on the 4th of July

Will be going to Nashville for the 4 0f July. I was there last year. Any new places to go?
Will return to Arnold's Monell's, Germantown Cafe Margot's Cafe.
I'm looking for the kind of food I can't get up North.. I'm talking indigenous Southern fare. I really don't want to hit Cracker Barrel if I don't have to.
Really interested in Ribs been to Jacks' and Martins hasn't done anything for me. I know it's not Memphis or Austin, but there has to be some good ribs and brisket in Nashville?

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  1. Nashville does pulled pork better than ribs in general. If you didn't like Martin's I don't know that anything else in Nashville is going to be better. You could give Edley's or B&C a try, though. Most places do brisket, but beef BBQ is really more of a Texas thing. Judge Bean's in north Brentwood specializes in TX style.

    There are so many places in Nashville to get "indigenous Southern fare" that Cracker Barrel shouldn't even be on the radar. I'm a little surprised that having been here before you'd even say that -- sounds a little hostile. LOL Monell's and Arnold's are really the top recs, but another option would be Puckett's (Leiper's Fork is the original and usually considered the best, followed by Franklin and Downtown). The aforementioned Edley's & B&C do great southern sides as well as good BBQ / smoked meats. B&C is located in Melrose and at the Farmers' Market; the food court at the FM is also a good spot to wander and snack/lunch. A lot of people would recommend Loveless Cafe, especially for breakfast. For more elevated Southern: Capitol Grille, The Southern, Silo, Watermark.

    By the time July 4 rolls around, it's possible Husk Nashville will be open. There are also restaurants opening seemingly every week. If you really want to keep up with what's going on in the dining scene, check out the local alternative weekly online. They publish a new full review every Thurs. The real scoop can be had on the Bites blog:

    1. Sorry to sound hostile. I was hoping for some rib place that is comparable to Rendevous or Corky's in Memphis I really love the Nashville food scene . The problem is the time share is by oprey land and the picken's are small. I've been to the Capital Grille, Fscotts, Watermark, wasn't overly impressed with Lovess. Will definitely try the Southern the Farmer's Market and Silo. Coming from NYc where there is a dearth of Southern and Cajun cuisine and mediocre BBQ. i come to Nashville with an unquenchible appetite for your downhome fare that I can't get up North thanks so much

      1. Judge Bean sold his share and is no longer affiliated with the Judge Bean's location in Brentwood.

        He's opened up his own spot on Church across from Chappy's in Midtown. Vinegarroon is the name. Carrington Fox had mostly positive things to say.

        I know it might be a regional chain, but Jim & Nick's imo is always a solid choice. I've always had great meals and sides there.

        I would also try Hattie B's in Midtown. Their the newest addition to the hot chicken scene in Nashville. Their sides by far are more superior than any other chicken spot in town.

        Center Point BBQ in Hendersonville which is about 15-20 north of the city is another good option for brisket. I've had decent bbq there.

        1. One last addition: Papa Turney's in Hermitage serves a killer brisket. They don't slice it the traditional way, but they serve it chopped. Excellent choice for brisket around here.

          I'm sure they could accommodate your preference if you called in advance.

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            Pete, seconds to Papa Turney for brisket, as well as the most delicious turkey legs ever in the history of turkeys, but it is out in the suburbs (Hermitage) so just be warned. Also, I think the truck is only there Fri, Sat & Sun. A side of his cabbage is well worthwhile, but don't bother with the potato salad or coleslaw.

            Coach, if you're willing to make a trip or three out to the suburbs, there's a little hole-in-the-wall in La Vergne called The Lazy Pig. Go there for ribs. Just trust me on this...their ribs are to die for. Their smoked chicken wings are also delicious. I would also nominate Martin's in Nolensville for pulled pork.

            In Nashville proper, my pulled pork fix was always the sandwich on cornbread pancakes with extra slaw and white sauce at Hog Heaven. But if I was seriously craving BBQ, I always ended up at one of those three places out in the 'burbs depending on what I was Jonesing for.