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Dec 28, 2012 11:05 AM

Providenciales -Turks and Caicos restaurants

Need some recent restaurant recommendations----also a special one for a birthday dinner

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  1. We recently stayed at Amanyara Resort--absolutely beautiful and the food was excellent. I suggest the yellow lobster curry! Beautiful bar outside as well to watch the sunset before dinner.

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    1. A few suggestions: in Blue Hills, Da Conch Shack and Smokey's on the Bay are great lunch spots. For casual eating at the Turtle Cove marina, Tiki Hut and Baci are popular. A lot of the dive guys do happy hour at the Tiki Hut after work, and they are a salty lot with a lot of tales. For french food, Caicos Cafe is good. For beachfront, maybe for the birthday dinner, Hemingway's at the south end of Grace Bay is good, pleasant, and scenic. For an ultra high end splurge, Anacaona on the middle Grace Bay. If you have a kitchen, you can buy lobsters at the lobster packing plants toward the south dock at about 4:00 in the afternoon when the boats come in. Nice and fresh, and fairly priced on what is an expensive island.

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        Thanks very much Veggo!
        Do you like Hemingway's better than Mango Reef ? We'll go to both, just need to decide the birthday dinner.

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          Are you staying at the Alexandra?

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            No,staying at a Grace Bay villa .

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              Nice address. I have only had lunches at Mango Reef, so I can't compare dinners there with Hemingways. But the menu at MR looks nice. Enjoy.
              P.S. You didn't indicate when you are going, but if it is soon, this is the season for the humpback whale migration, and the cows come in to the shallows to nurse their calves, literally pressing them on the bottom to drink milk the consistency of cottage cheese. All the fishing and dive boats communicate their spottings, and if you take a whale watching tour you are highly likely to see some. It's impressive.

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                Hi Friends,
                Thank you for the sharing of knowledge on food in Provo, especially Veggo & others who are in the know :)
                I will be staying at Alexandra for 3 nights, Friday Feb 1- Monday Feb 4th, and trying to sample the best of what the area has to offer.
                Since I have a limited stomach space, I need some help planning!
                Places I've decided on after hours of reading these reviews:

                Dinner at Mango reef on arrival day for the ease-factor
                Anacaona-for my birthday dinner, for it's romantic views. (However, the food doesn't actually look awesome, and does seem extremely overpriced--is there another place I should consider for a special night?)
                trip to Middle Caicos, and Daniel's Cafe
                caicos bakery for coffee

                Questions: My husband and I are basically seafood fiends, and will travel anywhere for the freshest fish and seafood.
                -is there anywhere to eat at the airport upon arrival, or on the way to Grace Bay area?
                -best lobster
                -freshest conch
                -best grouper (whole)

                Appreciate all of the feedback! Peace!

                1. re: unturtlesoup

                  At what hour do you arrive, and will you have a car? Da Conch Shack and Bugaloo's are only 10 minutes from the airport, a left at the first roundabout into Blue Hills.
                  You will have a kitchen at Alexandra, hit the lobster plants in the afternoon for fresh tails, bring your favored spices.
                  Grouper will be mostly sandwiches for lunch or filets for dinner; not many whole.
                  Airport to Grace Bay is only 15 minutes.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    Hi Veggo,

                    Thanks for your fast reply! We arrive at 2:30 pm. Do shops close for the afternoon and then reopen for dinner? And, conch shack or Bugaloo's as a first meal?
                    We're going to rent a car based on how far all the food is :)

                    Whole grouper-my husbands eats them, head and all until not a bit is left. Maybe we'll save that for the hotel kitchen. You mentioned fin fish getting scarce, which worries me, and I read that conch is sometimes caught outside of permitted areas. Any fisherman/ways to make sure we're eating things that won't harm the local ecology? I truly appreciate your helpful tips.


                    1. re: unturtlesoup

                      Most restaurants will be open continuously from lunch through dinner hours. The cracked conch and fritters are best eaten fresh while hot; a conch salad you could bring back to your hotel for later. In Blue Hills, you will notice that much of the shallow waters just off the shore have a lot of turtle grass, and this is good habitat for conch where I expect most of the Blue Hills restos source it. A couple places right on the water keep their inventory live in wire pens at the ocean's edge, and pull them out and pound them when you order. It doesn't get any fresher than that! In any case, the conch farm on Provo supplies many restaurants, and exports quite a bit as well. You can eat conch guilt-free. You can tour the conch farm at the east end of the Leeward Highway for a fee - kind of interesting. The original conch farm mysteriously burned down during an acrimonious divorce - there is always a back story in the Caribbean!
                      Sometimes the IGA market on the Leeward Highway has conch. You can have them clean it and make conch salad for you and pick it up later in the day.

                      1. re: Veggo

                        Thanks from me as well!
                        Are there any good restaurants in North Caicos? Worth the trip either way?

                        1. re: mausi7

                          Among the islands there I never wandered further east than Parrot Cay, which is quite a spot. I would only consider North Caicos if the whale watching there is good.

                      2. re: unturtlesoup

                        I second the Conch Shack as a post-airport stop. We ate there twice during our last trip. Now I am going to have cracked conch and conch salad on my mind all day!

                        We ate at Bugaloo's years ago and then it disappeared. Is the one you mentioned a new version of the "old" Bugaloos?

        2. Some nice 'local restaurant' recommendations to review on this thread

          1. hi there,are there any good restaurants or bars within walking distance from beaches resort?

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              Beaches is all inclusive, do you just want some variety for an extra charge? Alexandra and the Ocean Clubs are walking distance and affordable. A few near you are $$$$$$, but you have the same beautiful beach. Beaches was originally Sandals, one of the first resorts on 7 mile beach (which is not 7 miles). You will be adjacent to an area where some accomodations are over $1000/night. Enjoy!

            2. I'd suggest you give Caicos Cafe a go for special birthday dinner - lovely ambiance