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Dec 28, 2012 10:13 AM

Pan recommendation

I am looking for a new fry/skillet/saute pan. Definitely not non-stick.

I'll use it mainly to cook steaks and omelettes. I definitely want a lid.

I am leaning towards stainless steel as it has absolutely no coatings.

What is the top of the line of stainless steel pans out there?

Thank you.

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  1. If you only want one, a well seasoned cast iron pan might be okay for an omelette but nothing beats non-stick for eggs. I have an All Clad stainless steel pan and love it but use our inexpensive old cast iron for steak. If you're worried about the coating of non-stick, there are some that are baked on, plus you should be cooking eggs at lower temps anyway that shouldn't affect the coating. Omelettes don't do well in stainless.

    1. Seconding chowser. I'd suggest two pans: a cheap nonstick pan for eggs (Tramontina, maybe; CI rated the "T-Fall Professional Non-Stick" as tops, but it's not so easy to find that specific model from the T-Fal line) and a cheap cast iron pan for steaks (Lodge, whatever). Each will outperform a single stainless pan, and both together cost a lot less less than the All-Clad pans that typically come out on top of consumer-oriented testing for stainless pans.

      1. I use my bare cast iron for eggs, including omelets. It's so much better than non stick, IMO. I use stainless ( All Clad d5) or Le Creuset enameled cast iron brasier pan for anything that will react to the bare cast iron.

        1. I generally agree with chowser here too. Cast iron and carbon steel will be better for eggs and steak than stainless steel, but they also require more care and upkeeping. If you want more details, let's us know what is your other requirements. Thanks.

          1. You're all right.

            I'll go with the t-fall non-stick for morning omelettes. The t-fall is pretty common in Europe. Will take their more expensive but still cheap compared to Swiss Diamond/Scampan pan.

            Now, for the steak. I went to a store that sells Le Creuset. That stuff looks nice and is heavy! I am not sold on the coating and the coating is missing at the edge.

            I'd like to try carbon steel. Never cooked in this kind of cookware. But looks like all the benefits of cast iron with less weight.

            Which carbon steel pan comes recommended? I see de Buyer comes up in discussions. But they have a few different lines of pans.